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Aeris Swopper prevents back pain

The Aeris Swopper Study

As part of a scientific study on the work and movement situation at the office workplace, the Research Group for the Sociology of Work and Technology Design (FGAT) at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, under the direction of Professor Dr. Detlef Krüger, recorded and evaluated more than 1000 statements by questionnaire after at least 4 weeks of swopper use in companies and businesses. The clear conclusion: the Aeris Swopper successfully prevents back pain!

Results of the evaluation

  • 91 percent of the respondents worked more than 2 hours per day on a screen, almost 40 percent even more than 6 hours.
  • Almost 50 percent felt the physical strain caused by sitting a lot at work to be strong to very strong.
  • Well over 80 percent of the subjects already had musculoskeletal complaints or muscle tension: Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and arm pain.
  • About 90 percent of pilot project participants saw a clear link between sedentary work and discomfort.
  • Almost 60 percent of the test subjects used the Aeris Swopper for more than four hours a day, 22 percent sat for two to four hours and around 18 percent sat for up to two hours on the active-dynamic seat element, which was new to them.
  • Almost 90 percent cited the constant change of load on the Aeris Swopper as the greatest advantage, almost 40 percent noted a higher level of performance and 35 percent emphasized the greater freedom of movement on this office furniture.
  • To the question "Have your complaints or physical well-being improved as a result of using the Aeris Swopper?" a clear majority of almost 2/3 of all respondents answered "Yes", "Yes significantly" or "Yes, very much".

Appreciation of survey results:

Prof. Krüger: "This result must be considered extremely remarkable, considering that nothing else was done but "just" re-sitting! No medication, no surgery, no radiation, no massages, no special gymnastics or the like. Just sitting on the Aeris Swopper in a new way has brought noticeable improvements to the vast majority of respondents."

The connection between "sitting in motion" and "health and well-being" was also documented by this study. Swopping thus keeps not only the back, but the whole person fit and healthy.

The results of this study support what the Hanover Medical School, among others, has found out in cooperation with the AOK Lower Saxony: preventive measures bring health and economic benefits for the widespread disease of back pain. This means that targeted prevention is more effective and cost-saving than many costly cures.

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