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Aeris Swopper practical report by physiotherapist Sabine Geist

Aeris Swopper - a practical report

Physiotherapists are a very sceptical lot, they have to try out everything and give their critical, sometimes scathing verdict. Seating furniture is a popular "victim". I belong to this critical guild and am also an ErgoPhysConsult-physiotherapeutic workplace consultant. That's where a lot of "ergonomic" seating fare poorly. Mostly... However, the "Aeris Swopper" determines my life - at least it is my central piece of seating furniture. Both in my practice and in my private life, the "Aeris Swopper" is used a lot and with pleasure.

In the practice there are always treatments during which I have to sit still - in the past this was often a problem. After a few minutes I was restlessly sliding back and forth on my little humps. In order to sit moved, I switched more often to the sitting ball. Actually not bad, but dangerous if you only want to stand up for a short time and then sit down again.... That can easily go wrong! On the "Aeris Swopper" I sit still and can still keep my spine, ligaments and muscles in motion. The movement results in alternating loading and unloading - an unbeatable advantage that prevents back complaints. I am satisfied with my "Aeris Swopper" and can only recommend it - you sit moving and do something good for yourself and your health."