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Work stool

Ergonomic work stool Aeris Swopper

The Aeris Swopper is an innovative, ergonomic, three-dimensionally flexible office chair, which has been Back pain and for more movement in everyday life. It encourages and demands active sitting and frequent changes of position and makes it possible to move more than twice as much while sitting as on conventional office chairs. Swooping on the swivel stool is good for the back, intervertebral discs, muscles, Breathing and well-being. The ergonomic work stool is available in different versions - also with backrest and castors. It is TÜV and GS tested. As a Swopper with backrest and spring leg type Low (Swopper Work), it complies with the office chair standard DIN EN 1335.

What makes the Aeris Swopper so mobile?

Real high-tech is hidden in the swivel chair Aeris Swopper. The 3D-flexible joint enables changing movements in three dimensions. When you sit down on the health chair, you bounce vertically - this corresponds to "springy" walking on soft forest soil. The lateral flexibility and the forward tilt train the musculature, ensure an optimal posture and frequent Change of posture. All natural, harmonious movements - and all while sitting.

The Aeris Swopper also offers many individual adjustment possibilities in order to adapt exactly to the needs of the be-seater. Because no human being has a "standard body". The vertical suspension and the lateral mobility of the stool can be individually adjusted. And the seat is also height-adjustable - for an optimal angle between hip and knee. The convex shape of the seat cushion also prevents pressure points on the thighs.

Why is the health chair Aeris Swopper so good for the body?

Due to the active-dynamic sitting in three dimensions, the body is constantly in motion and the musculature is activated, especially the back and leg muscles. The vertical swinging also relieves the intervertebral discs and joints, promotes blood circulation, gets the circulation going and ensures an optimal oxygen supply. Swooping on the work stool is not only good for the muscles and the back, however. Active 3D sitting on the Aeris Swopper provides so much momentum that you measurably burn up to 300 additional calories per day while sitting. So a day's work on the stool is good for your back and hips.

And another pleasant side effect: sitting on the Aeris Swopper is also good for the head. The upright sitting posture on the active chair frees the diaphragm, breathing is automatically deeper, more oxygen reaches the blood and brain activity is increased. This helps you concentrate even on long days.

Are Aeris Swoppers ideal for sitting, even without backrests?

The ergonomic Aeris Swopper was deliberately developed without a backrest or armrests so that people can move freely and naturally even when seated. The use of backrests and armrests "incapacitates" the muscles and prevents the user from moving intuitively and spontaneously.

However, as most people are used to sitting on conventional office chairs with backrests and armrests, active sitting on the Aeris Swopper is unusual for most people in the first few days. Many even notice a slight "pinching" or slight back pain at first. In fact, however, this is sore muscles due to slackened back muscles caused by years of sitting incorrectly in a conventional office chair/ executive chair. The muscles are not challenged by being propped up and constantly held up and by leaning back, they become weaker and can do less and less.

The 3D technology of the Aeris Swopper forces the body to balance itself, keep moving and adopt a healthy sitting posture. This strengthens the back muscles and corresponds to the natural movement pattern of humans. You can therefore sit on the Aeris Swopper all day without getting back pain or tension. It makes many natural movements possible when sitting and is therefore an ideal companion for a long day sitting.

Who is a Aeris Swopper with backrest suitable for?

Actually, a person does not need a backrest when sitting actively, alternating between loading and unloading. This is because overloading of structures only ever occurs when a rigid permanent posture is adopted, such as in conventional sitting. However, there are of course occupational groups who have to remain in a position without movement for longer periods of time in their daily work, for example to read thick files or who like to lean back for a short relaxation during long telephone calls. For these people, Aeris offers a stool with backrest, for example the Aeris Swopper with backrest (with and without cover). The multi-moving backrest is height-adjustable between 110 and 116 cm and offers relaxing support without restricting mobility.

For whom is a swivel stool with castors suitable?

A Aeris Swopper with castors is ideal for all those who want to switch to healthy sitting and prefer even more room to move and mobility - e.g. at extended desks with several work surfaces or between desk and computer. The work stool with castors requires a lot of personal activity, as the seat has to be relieved very slightly in order to use the castor function. All the advantages of the Aeris Swopper (without castors) of bringing more movement into everyday sitting through active sitting are also available with the Aeris Swopper with soft or hard floor castors.

The Aeris Swopper can be tested free of charge for 14 days, so that you can experience the seating experience for yourself before you buy. Of course, before the test sitting, there is a detailed, individual and also free seat consultation directly at the Aeris specialist retailer.

Customer service

The Aeris Swopper is available in various fabrics, seat colours and equipment variants. On the Aeris website, you can configure your own individualAeris Swopper.

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