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Office chair with armrests

A good office chair has armrests? This is almost taken for granted and those who choose an office chair with armrests usually do so in the belief that they are doing themselves some good. However, more and more doctors and ergonomists are finding that armrests on office chairs should be questioned critically.

Are armrests for office chairs useful or not?

The armrests of a conventional Office chair are mainly used to support oneself when standing up and sitting down on the office chair. Unfortunately, armrests are very problematic when sitting on an office chair. They severely restrict freedom of movement. If you sit on an office chair with armrests, you tend to hardly move sideways. Almost worse, sitting on an office chair with armrests often results in too great a distance between the office chair and the work surface, as the armrests prevent the person from getting close. The result is that people slouch and lean forward on their office chair in order to bridge the distance to the work surface. Tension and Back pain are often the result. Armrests on office chairs often have the disadvantage that - even if they are adjustable - they do not fit the user perfectly. If the armrests are too high, this leads to an elevated shoulder position, which can cause cramps and pain in the long run. Armrests that are too low, on the other hand, lead to the wrong sitting positions and thus promote back pain.

Office chairs with armrests are therefore not necessarily useful or even contribute to better, healthier or more comfortable sitting. Quite the opposite: they often "tempt" you into the wrong sitting position and weaken your muscles.

Sitting better on an office chair without armrests

The active office chairs Swopper and 3Dee from Aeris therefore deliberately do without armrests. The active seats offer unrestricted freedom of movement. And that is very important in everyday office life (where people sit for up to 10 hours). Spontaneous changes of position, e.g. shifting weight to the side, are encouraged and since the active seats from Aeris follow the movements of their occupants, they ensure optimal posture, a fit body, more muscle and metabolic activity, and a better posture. Circuitmore muscle and metabolic activity and a strong back. The patented 3D technology in the foot joint of the office chairs Aeris Swopper and Aeris 3Dee prevents an incorrect distance to the work surface. Is that comfortable? Yes, of course: because when you want to rest your arms, you place your forearms directly on the desk - automatically at the physiologically optimal height.

Last but not least: the armrests of office chairs are mainly used for sitting down and standing up. With the active office chairs Aeris Swopper and Aeris 3Dee you use the spring-loaded movement technology and sit down gently rocking and stand up loosely springing. Active and without restrictive armrests: this is the best way to sit!