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What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a progressive damage of joint cartilage, which in the long run also affects the adjacent bones. Osteoarthritis can occur in all joints of the body. Shoulders, knees and hips are particularly often affected. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common joint diseases. 90 percent of arthrosis sufferers are overweight.

How does osteoarthritis develop?

So that Joints move smoothly and do not rub against each other, the joint bones are protected by a layer of cartilage. If the joint is subjected to excessive stress, for example due to Overweightsporting activities, but also through incorrect posture, can lead to wear and tear of the cartilage. The cartilage layer becomes thinner and thinner until it almost completely dissolves. As a result, the ends of the bones meet each other unprotected, which can cause considerable pain. The bone structure in the joint area changes. Movements are then only possible in a painful state. In some cases, the wear and deformation can also lead to stiffness of the joints.

Osteoarthritis often creeps in without the affected person consciously noticing it. The degenerative processes in the joints do not always lead to pain immediately. The first symptoms can be, for example, difficulty getting up or uncomfortable sitting.

What can sufferers of osteoarthritis do?

Osteoarthritis cannot be cured. So for those affected, it is more a matter of relieving pain and improving the mobility and function of the joint and maintaining it for as long as possible. The best way to do this is Regular exerciseThis can best be achieved by avoiding long periods of rigid sitting and by eating a healthy, balanced diet. Because every kilogram of body weight that the joints have to bear less of reduces the complaints.

Therefore, sporting activities such as cycling, swimming, walking and light hiking should be on the programme during leisure time. In this way, the joints are moved to the right extent and not overloaded. But you can also do a lot at work. Most people spend up to 10 hours a day sitting, which means they don't move enough. Active seating furniture from Aeris, such as the Aeris Swopper, Aeris Muvman or Aeris 3Dee, can offer a simple solution to this problem. Thanks to a patented 3D technology, they allow more than twice as much movement when sitting as conventional office chairs.

Numerous orthopaedists, physiotherapists and osteopaths, for example, recommend the Aeris Swopper from Aeris as a healthy office chair that is easy on the joints for the following reasons: The coil spring in the Aeris Swopper allows each person in their weight class to swing softly. This relieves the Intervertebral discsThe spiral spring in the Swopper allows each person in his or her weight class to swing softly, thus relieving the joints and supplying them with nutrients and removing harmful substances through the "pump-suck effect". In addition, when sitting on the Aeris Swopper, one must constantly balance and hold the Balance balance and hold it, just as you do when walking or standing. You sit in "unstable equilibrium" because the pivot point is located in a rubber joint at the foot of the spring leg. This means that the back and abdominal muscles are constantly in slight motion and are strengthened. The lateral flexibility and the forward tilt when sitting on the Aeris Swopper also expand the grasping space, ensure an optimal posture towards the work surface and prevent incorrect posture.

A healthy diet, in addition to plenty of exercise, can also favourably influence the overall course of the disease. A suitable osteoarthritis diet should above all reduce excess weight, prevent inflammation and provide the cartilage tissue with sufficient nutrients. As a general rule, animal products should be avoided in favour of plant products. Less Caloriesmore vitamins is the motto. For the omega-3 fatty acids, it is worthwhile to eat fish regularly and, above all, plenty of fruit and vegetables. It also helps to replace wheat products with whole grain products and legumes. For an osteoarthritis diet to be successful, it should be carried out permanently.

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