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Lack of exercise makes us sick

The spine as a central organ

On the one hand, it protects our central nervous system and the sensitive brain, and on the other, it absorbs shocks when we run and jump. The Spine is stabilized by the surrounding musculature and thus makes an upright posture possible in the first place. A healthy Musculature is therefore the best prerequisite for a healthy spine.

Intervertebral discs as components of the spine

The spinal column consists of 23 bony segments and 22 cartilaginous intervertebral discs in between. They are primarily responsible for the elasticity and mobility of the spine. Intervertebral discs have no metabolism of their own. They are nourished - like a sponge - by the tissue fluid surrounding them, which they suck in when relieved and squeeze out when stressed. If intervertebral discs are constantly pressed on one side - as in rigid sitting - they lose their elasticity. But if the back is in motion, as when sitting on the Aeris Swopper, Aeris Swoppster or Aeris Muvman, they are constantly loaded and unloaded at different points and thus remain fit much longer.

The risks of a hunchback

The typical sitting posture up to now when working at a desk or screen is the hunchback. The risks of this sitting posture that causes illness: The intervertebral discs are particularly Lumbar spine misloaded. Just here the intervertebral discs are strongly compressed by the forward inclination of the upper part of the body on one side, while they are stretched on the other side. Brittleness, for example after years of malnutrition, and rigidly cramped muscles significantly increase the likelihood of a herniated disc.

Sitting on the Aeris Swopper in motion immediately does noticeable good, especially in the lower lumbar region. It keeps the intervertebral discs well nourished, fit and elastic and the muscles always active and in motion. In this way, swopping prevents back problems caused by tension and slipped discs.

Joints and arthrosis

Joints are movable bone connections. If joints are painful due to signs of wear and tear, one speaks of Osteoarthritis. To a certain extent, arthrosis is a normal sign of aging. Characteristic of the joint pain is the sensitivity to movement.

The first signs of osteoarthritis are stiffness and a feeling of tension after a long period of rest. The typical "start-up pain" occurs, which decreases with further movement. Many patients therefore consciously spare the joint. However, the lack of movement and the resulting weakening of the musculature do not bring any relief, but a stiffening of the joint is the result.

"Moving is good, overloading is harmful".

As a treatment, doctors therefore recommend regular exercise, following the motto: "Moving is good, overloading is harmful." This is where sitting on the Aeris Swopper, Aeris Swoppster, Aeris 3Dee, Aeris Muvman and Aeris Oyo comes in. Due to the constant minimal motor activity of many muscle and joint groups when sitting on the Aeris active seats, arthrosis patients avoid the typical "start-up pain", maintain the remaining range of motion and thus reduce their complaints.

Until now, sedentary work and flexibility in the back were mutually exclusive. The Aeris Swopper now makes muscle training while sitting - similar to jogging - possible for the first time.