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Executive chair

The perfect ergonomic executive chair

An executive chair promises comfort. At work. In the office. In the home office. But too much comfort is bad for people. Because "comfortable" in executive chairs usually means upholstery and backrests - but not much freedom to sit and move. But to stay healthy, people need movement. So it is alarming and significant that adults today spend an average of 11.5 hours of the day sitting. (Source: Katzmarzyk and Min-Lee, 2012) And bosses usually spend even more. If you add seven to eight hours of sleep, there is little time left for movement. However, since there are now office chairs - and also executive chairs - that enable and even encourage natural 3D movement while sitting, you can bring your personal trainer right into the office in the form of an office chair.

From the old days: the leather executive chair

There is no doubt that the high reputation of the executive chair is rooted in the past. For many bosses, the heavy oak desk and a solid leather chair were among the "insignia of their power". Compared to the conventional office chair, the executive chair therefore still conveys power, a touch of luxury and exclusivity. At that time, no thought was wasted on adjustable seat technology, a rocker mechanism, lumbar support or ergonomic requirements for sitting. The only things that mattered were seating comfort and status.

How healthy is the typical executive chair?

The fact that an office chair - even one in executive chair design - should have something to do with health is a realisation of modern times. As numerous studies and expert opinions confirm today, sitting in a rigid position all the time and without sufficient movement leads to civilisation diseases such as back pain, obesity, diabetes, arthrosis, ischalgia etc. Today, sitting comfort is no longer defined by thick cushions, a backrest at least 70 centimetres high, genuine leather upholstery, wide armrests and a prestigious headrest in the executive chair look. Real comfort is reflected in natural movement - even in an executive chair.

Office chair with massage function?

Executive chairs with massage function - this sounds tempting for relaxation and sitting comfort, but it is not really the solution to rigid sitting behaviour, which puts one-sided strain on our intervertebral discs and is responsible for many complaints such as back pain and intervertebral disc problems. Neither the massage function nor the heat function, which is also available in some executive chairs, will improve these problems in the long term. What really helps is movement.

What is an ergonomic executive chair?

The modern executive chair no longer forces the occupant to adapt to it - the modern executive chair adapts to the person. Also with regard to their individual movement behaviour. It not only makes movement possible - it even encourages and demands it. This not only has the effect that the ergonomic executive chair is easy on the back, but also strengthens the back muscles while sitting.

Quality has its price

Conventional office chairs, often advertised as executive chairs, are often available for less than 200 euros. However, you should definitely not save money on a piece of seating furniture that is used intensively almost the entire day. On the contrary. After all, investing in a good office chair benefits your own health. Solid quality and good workmanship should be a matter of course anyway. The technical and ergonomic functions of a good office chair should also be above average. For example, through technology that enables free, self-controlled movement, operating functions that are easy to understand and intuitive to use, upholstery that avoids seat recesses, as seat recesses fix the pelvis and can thus severely restrict freedom of movement, and much more.

Inexpensive and still high quality

The various seating solutions from Aeris, such as the 3D active seat Swopper or the swivel chair Aeris 3Dee, which is also three-dimensionally flexible, are characterised by unique 3D ergonomics that enable movement in all directions. Here, movement is more than just a rocking mechanism and synchronised mechanism. Central components are the 3D movement element and the spring leg, which enable vertical swinging and horizontal flexibility. For individual, spontaneous and self-controlled, natural movements. Of course, ergonomics at the highest level according to the innovative concept of spring-mounted 3D technology from Aeris has its price. The ergonomic office chair Aeris 3Dee, the active standing seat Aeris Muvman, the visitor chair Aeris Oyo and the office stool Aeris Swopper are in the mid-price segment for office chairs and standing seats. But they bear the "Made in Germany" quality mark and are consistently oriented towards human biomechanics. The swivel chair Aeris 3Dee even does this with 192 components developed by Aeris itself!

Modern executive chairs are not just black!

The era of grey office furnishings with colourless office chairs is over in many companies. And with it the era of bulky executive chairs in exclusively dignified colours. With Aeris Swopper, Aeris 3Dee, Aeris Muvman & Co, not only movement but also colour comes into the office! In addition to classic colours like black, grey and blue, the active chair Aeris Swopper looks really good in red, green, turquoise or a pale pink. And the office chair Aeris 3Dee is also available in rich red or blue as an energy highlight for the office as well as in classic black or grey. The standing chair Aeris Muvman awaits its new owners with harmonious colours; in addition to black and grey, there is also a choice of blue, green and red.

High-quality materials - not only leather

The height-adjustable office and swivel chairs from Aeris meet individual wishes and requirements not only in terms of colour selection, but also in the variety of cover materials. The Aeris Swopper is available with numerous fabric covers: in velvety-soft microfibre it looks particularly elegant; this material is also breathable and easy to clean. The wipe-clean imitation leather cover is a cotton cover mixed with 20% polyurethane. Another variant: the hygienic functional Stamskin cover. It is particularly suitable for use in the cosmetic or medical sector.

The Active Office Chair Aeris 3Dee is also available in several versions: either with microfibre or a hard-wearing, lightfast and flame-retardant office chair cover made of 100 % Trevira CS. And of course - in keeping with the tradition of noble executive chairs - in high-quality genuine leather. Both the Aeris Swopper and the Aeris 3Dee are available with a cover made of the finest leather.

Personal down to the last detail: the individual office chair

Every person is different. This applies not only to the anatomy, but also to the sitting habits of each individual. That's why the various seating solutions from Aeris are also very individual - after all, everyone should find their own personal professional executive chair. Regardless of colour and material, the office stool Aeris Swopper is available in the standard version without backrest. This can be ordered at any time on request. By the way: the backrest for retrofitting and the movable backrest integrated in the Aeris Swopper with backrest are height-adjustable between 110 and 116 cm and, in the case of the Aeris Swopper Work, certified by TÜV according to DIN EN 1335 for office work chairs.

The Aeris Swopper is ideal for all those who like to move around a lot more than before. This is because the chair's design deliberately dispenses with armrests and headrests, which would hinder many of the Be-Sitter's activities. The Active Office Chair Aeris 3Dee with its patented 3D technology offers pleasant 3D movement, but also a more classic office look with an integrated backrest. The backrest of the Aeris 3Dee is, of course, equipped with lumbar support thanks to the adaptive lumbar curve. And for those who want to alternate between sitting and standing more often, the continuously height-adjustable active standing seat Aeris Muvman is perfect. With its innovative seat with flexzone technology to prevent pressure points on the thighs, it is a real innovation among standing chairs and a truly innovative office chair solution. By the way, the Aeris active chairs do without an extra tilt adjustment lever: Each owner decides for themselves via the 3D joint at which completely flexible angle of inclination they would like to sit, which can be changed at any time.

Seating comfort not only for the office

Primarily developed for the office, the ergonomic advantages of the office furniture pieces Aeris Swopper, Aeris Muvman and Aeris 3Dee can also be used perfectly at home - not only in the home office. The Aeris Muvman, for example, is the active office chair solution for alternating between sitting and standing in the office, but it also looks great in other areas. Infinitely height-adjustable, it can be used as sitting or standing furniture in the kitchen, in living and sales areas or in the laboratory.

A seat test convinces

If you can't believe that a 3D active chair without arm and back rests works perfectly as a modern office chair, you should simply try it out in a seat test on the Aeris Swopper. The trade has numerous offers for this. Aeris offers a special quality service on top: you can test the Aeris Swopper free of charge for up to 14 days before buying - of course after a detailed, individual and also free seat consultation directly at the specialist retailer.

Want to personalize your Aeris Swopper?

You have configured your favorite Swopper? Then you can now start with the personalization. And this is how it works: Simply enter your desired text in the field - done.

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