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The principle of the Aeris Swopper

Dynamic sitting

Man was not born to sit, but he was born to ride. On the back of a horse, almost everyone finds their natural uprightness. Riders rarely suffer from back problems, because the movements of the horses require dynamic sitting and the back muscles are thus strengthened. If you tense up when riding, you will notice this in the horse's reaction and will not be able to get through with your aids. A loose and supple seat is required. In addition, a rider must sit balanced on the horse's back, otherwise he will not be able to stay there for long. Promoting balanced, relaxed and active sitting - that has always been the goal of every ergonomic chair.

The Aeris Swopper

This principle of dynamic sitting has been adopted by the Aeris Swopper. The Swopper is a chair that demands a constant and springy movement from its user. This movement strengthens the back muscles and prevents back pain. Back pain. Most back problems stem from a lack of musculature in the back, which is why movement is so important. Strong back muscles can even compensate for a herniated disc because the muscles strengthen the vertebrae and hold them in place. However, if you sit in an office all day, you usually don't have much time for compensatory exercise. Often one is too tired after work and spends the evening sitting in front of the television again. If you then do sport at the weekend, this is already the exception. That is why the Swopper is a very good alternative. The use of a Swopper does not completely replace sports, but it is definitely helpful for strengthening the back muscles.

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