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Form follows function

The guiding principle of design and architecture par excellence is "form follows function". However, this does not mean that beautiful design and functionality must be mutually exclusive or mutually exclusive. Rather, it is the case that good design is characterised by the fact that it supports and allows function and functionality.

What is design?

Design is the English term for drafting or shaping, but it derives from the Latin designare, which means "to draw". Design is about the function of an object - that can be a house, a pen, a car or an office chair - and the interaction with the person who uses that object. So a person living in a house, a person writing, a person driving, a person sitting, etc. This means that design should be oriented towards the needs of people. These can be physical needs, but also psychological needs. Design is about shapes, surfaces and colours or colour combinations. It is about materials, aesthetics and quality - and often it is also about price.

How can you recognise good design?

If it is solely a matter of external form, design is a question of personal taste - which varies. Completely objectively, however, one can state that design can stand for function, for usability, for comfort and also for durability. Over the years, the concept has expanded and taken on greater significance for many areas of life. Today, every coffee pot has to meet design standards. Even how a car door sounds when it slams or how the cap of a medicine bottle can be opened is worked out in complicated and lengthy design processes today. Design is also when an electric switch glows red as soon as it is set to "on". And design has to do with how a bar of chocolate is packaged.

Can design also be found in office furniture?

The days when office furniture was boring and dusty are long gone. Due to the increasing importance of ergonomics in the working world and the very strict occupational health rules and laws that go hand in hand with it, office furniture - regardless of whether it is a cabinet, desk or office chair - has moved into the focus of employers, employees and also manufacturers. Accordingly, there is a large selection of tables and chairs for every budget and every taste. If one person prefers imitation leather, another will only sit on a chair in genuine black leather. The third person, on the other hand, does not care about the material, but it is important that his office chair has no armrests, but does have a backrest, for example.

From design to office chair

What falls under the umbrella term "designer office chair" and probably impresses with its aesthetics is usually based on a sophisticated concept on which entire teams of designers have worked for months. Anyone interested in a design Office chair should also consider whether a chair complies with ergonomic DIN standards and has perhaps won design or ergonomic awards or other prizes. The office chairs from Aeris are a good choice here, as they are not only impressive from a visual design point of view, but also set new standards in ergonomic terms. The above-mentioned "form follows function" lives Aeris with the incomparably movement-promoting seating furniture like no other company.

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