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Dynamic sitting

What does dynamic sitting mean?

Dynamic sitting means changing your sitting position or posture as often as possible. However, you should try to keep your upper body straight and not hunch over. There are no other "rules", every new sitting position means movement and is good for the body.

This sounds simple, but it is not easily possible on conventional office chairs, as they do not follow the user's movement. This usually results in poor posture and back pain, especially with untrained back muscles. Also, back and armrests understrain the back muscles, making it impossible to maintain correct sitting posture. However, it is worthwhile to train dynamic sitting. Those who promote incorrect and relieving postures over the years risk muscular imbalances and chronic back problems.

Why is dynamic sitting good and what does it have to do with ergonomics?

Many people work at a desk and spend most of their (working) days sitting down, often for up to eleven hours a day. In the long run, this lack of movement not only puts a strain on the musculoskeletal system, but also slows down the body's metabolism. As a result, the body is not supplied with sufficient nutrients, and as a consequence the Performance decreases rapidly.

Dynamic sitting prevents malpositions, tension, back pain and reduced performance. Since dynamic sitting places different and alternating demands on different muscle structures, the back muscles and also the abdominal muscles, one-sided strain can be avoided. The intervertebral discs are also loaded and unloaded in a natural way, which promotes the supply of nutrients to the intervertebral discs. This in turn has a positive effect on the entire spine. In addition, dynamic sitting incidentally increases the blood circulation - not only of the body, but also of the brain!

Which chairs for dynamic sitting?

In order to be able to sit dynamically at the workplace and thus in a way that is easy on the back, active seating furniture is needed. Such active seating furniture follows the user's movements and thus enables freedom of movement. In addition to freedom of movement, active seating furniture for dynamic sitting must be perfectly adjustable to the user, for example in terms of inclination and seat firmness. The chair should also have a synchronous mechanism. This means that the inclination of the seat surface adjusts to that of the backrest. A very good example of a desk chair with a backrest that supports moving sitting is the Aeris 3Dee.

How important is the backrest?

An ergonomic office chair does not necessarily have to have a backrest. The 3D active seat Aeris Swopper is available in the standard version without backrest and always without armrest. For those who do not want to do without the backrest, there is the Aeris Swopper with backrest.

In all models, the Aeris Swopper encourages and demands a constant change of posture, but the back remains straight and the abdominal, back and leg muscles are trained quite automatically. The sitter not only moves the upper body forwards or backwards, but also sideways and vertically (3D technology). This means that even when sitting for long periods of time, the user is constantly in motion, which leads to a greater overall sense of well-being and higher performance.

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