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Ergonomics in daily life

What does ergonomics mean?

Ergonomics, the science of human work, is composed of the two Greek words "ergon" (work) and "nomos" (law, rule). Ergonomics pursues the goal of creating the most suitable workplace possible for people, where they are not exposed to one-sided stresses.

This applies to workplaces on an assembly line, where the same hand movements are always carried out, or to sedentary activities, such as working in front of a computer. All areas of the workplace are taken into account; humane work design is also considered in ergonomics. The individual health protection of the person is in the foreground, because an incorrect sitting posture due to poorly adapted chairs and tables can cause considerable damage to health. Ergonomics in the workplace means looking at people as a whole and creating a working environment for them that is adapted to their individual needs.

Ergonomics at the workplace

A person who feels good is also more efficient and has less absenteeism. In the office sector, the teaching of ergonomics is becoming more and more popular. Employers are increasingly investing in ergonomic office equipment, not for humanitarian reasons, but purely for profit-enhancing reasons. The work controls should be adapted to people and not the other way round. This is the realisation that leads to improved performance and, consequently, increased profits. Ergonomics at the workplace also includes, in the office sector, the ergonomic mouse, the ergonomic keyboard, the ergonomic office chair and much more. Above all, however, the office chair should be emphasised because most of the problems that arise during sedentary work start from an unsuitable piece of seating furniture. This can back paineven lead to a slipped disc. Even less dramatic health restrictions, such as neck pain and general tension, can usually be traced back to an ill-fitting and uncomfortable office chair. A ergonomic office chair provides a remedy here without much effort.

Ergonomics for children

However, ergonomics is not limited to the design of the workplace, it goes much further. Since people have noticed how beneficial ergonomic sitting is at the workplace, this knowledge has also been adopted for other areas. For example for Ergonomics at homesuch as housework, where there are several hours a day of ironing or cleaning and thus one-sided postures.

This also applies to our children. They sit on very uncomfortable chairs for many hours a day. Ergonomics for children - This was an absurd idea a few years ago. In the meantime, however, it has been recognised that children can suffer exactly the same health damage from incorrect sitting posture as adults. Healthy sitting is even more important for them, because if they are permanently damaged, they are not available for the labour market in the first place. This is more tragic than a slipped disc after 30 years of office work. That is why more attention is now being paid to children and their needs. After all, children are our future, they are entitled to child-friendly treatment and a school that enables them to learn in a pleasant way. This does not only refer to the chairs and desks in the classroom, but, as is usual with ergonomics, to the general well-being in the classroom.

However, for those who do not have the opportunity to implement ergonomics at work or at home, there is always back school. There you learn specific exercises that help to strengthen the muscles and largely alleviate or even eliminate back pain.

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