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Ergonomics not only in the office

Ergonomic office equipment

Modern offices are nowadays often furnished ergonomically, but the topic of ergonomics should also be considered in other areas.
Many offices furnish the rooms with ergonomic furniture because it has been noticed that this means less absenteeism and more motivation among employees. There are ergonomic office chairs and height adjustable desks. Ergonomic office chairs prevent back pain because they promote dynamic sitting. It is the same with height adjustable desks. This makes it possible to alternate between sitting and standing while working. This is also preventive against back pain. Furthermore, in many modern offices you will also find ergonomic keyboards and ergonomic mice. This prevents tension in the wrist area and allows you to work better and without pain. While ergonomics is given a lot of attention in the furnishing of offices, it is quite different in other areas.

Ergonomic equipment in factories

Ergonomics at the workplace is a foreign word in many factories. These are often not set up according to ergonomic aspects at all. The chairs are uncomfortable and the monotonous movements that workers have to perform often lead to health problems. Noise pollution is also extremely high and there is rarely adequate noise protection. However, ergonomic design of factory buildings could lead to an increase in yield just as much. Employees would be less sick and would also work more effectively. Those who work in pain make more mistakes and the accident rate is higher. Some factories have already realized this, but by no means all.

However, it is certainly only a matter of time before ergonomics is taken into account in all areas. This means not only for office equipment, but also for assembly and production and in the private sphere.