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Ergonomics and research

Ergonomic products

In recent years, there has been increasing research in the field of ergonomics. It has been recognized how important an ergonomically designed workplace is.

Ergonomics is becoming more and more important. Many institutes and universities are now concerned with ergonomics. A lot of research is being carried out, and above all new ergonomic chairs are being developed all the time. For example, there is the Aeris Swopper, this office chair was specially developed according to research results in ergonomics. The ergonomic office chairs enable dynamic sitting and prevent back pain.

It is not only in the field of chairs that a great deal of research is being carried out. Height-adjustable desks and stand-sit furniture are also being designed. This allows people to alternate between sitting and standing while working. This is equally beneficial for health as one does not remain in the same posture all day.

Furthermore ergonomic keyboards ergonomic mice are also being developed. The so-called mouse arm in particular has kept researchers busy. The rigid posture of the hand when using a normal mouse or keyboard often means that the person affected can no longer move their hand or arm. This can mean a longer sick leave and can easily be avoided with an ergonomic mouse and keyboard.

More ergonomic workplaces thanks to research

Research into ergonomics has led to more and more employers setting up their workplaces ergonomically. This means adapting work equipment to people and not the other way around. This greatly reduces employee absenteeism, which in the end benefits the business. Even if the purchase of ergonomic office furniture and equipment is a bit more expensive, it still pays off.