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Ergonomic chairs prevent back pain

The office chair should fit the employee

Almost everyone is familiar with back pain, especially office workers are often affected by it. The influence of the office chair is often underestimated. Office furniture should be adapted to the individual employee so that he or she can work without discomfort. An ergonomically designed workplace means that the equipment and office furniture used are adapted to the person and not vice versa. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Incorrectly adjusted office furniture can cause significant health problems. Special attention should be paid to office chairs, because only if an office chair allows healthy sitting can work be permanently pain-free. This also leads to an increase in performance, because only those who have no pain are fully fit for work. With an ergonomic office chairchair, for example an Aeris Swopper, which promotes dynamic sitting, back pain is a thing of the past. When sitting, it is important not to remain rigidly in the same posture for hours. You should keep moving and also get up from time to time. Swopper chairs allow you to rock constantly, which strengthens the spine and prevents tension. Office swivel chairs or swivel chairs can nevertheless also be helpful, because you are more likely to keep moving with a swivel chair than with a normal office chair.

Healthy sitting

In most offices the Executive chair very comfortable and ergonomic, but for employees there are cheap office chairs that are bound to cause back pain when used. For business owners, this is short-term thinking when they cut corners on office equipment for their employees. Office workers who work in an ergonomically designed environment are proven to be absent much less often and work more effectively. In this respect, business owners are saving at the wrong end, especially when they skimp on office chairs.