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Ergonomic office chair

Healthy sitting

The ergonomic office chair is probably the most important thing when designing an ergonomic office. Although other aspects should not be ignored, the chair is crucial for relaxed working. We have known for a long time that an incorrect sitting posture can lead to considerable damage to health. Back problems and even slipped discs are not uncommon. Dynamic sitting has been on everyone's lips since the advent of the sitting ball at the beginning of the 90s.
So-called healthy sitting has health benefits, even though you should always get up in between. Sitting for too long is not good for the spine, even with the most comfortable chair. However, that is no reason to do without an ergonomic chair.

The individual office chair

A modern chair can be individually adapted to the respective person through numerous adjustment options. The seat height is just as adjustable as the height and width of the armrests. There are also armrests that can be turned backwards if you don't want them. The seat tilt and the seat depth are adjustable as well. The seat depth should be adjusted so that the backrest can always be touched, but the back of the knees are free. This is the only way to ensure sufficient blood circulation. With a good ergonomic chair the backrest is also adjustable in height so that the back is supported from the upper area of the pelvis. There are also so-called foot-controlled movements that allow the chair to swing or oscillate. Anyone who sits comfortably on their individually adjusted office chair is in any case more efficient than someone who constantly has back pain. Only getting up in between and regular compensatory exercise should not be missed even with the best chair.