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What does flexibility mean?

The term flexibility or the adjective flexible finds its origin in the Latin language (flectere) and means as much as flexible, yielding, elastic or pliability, resilience. Flexibility is used today to describe a degree of adaptability of something to something else.

What does flexibility mean for our everyday life?

People are expected to react flexibly to changes - in their private and professional lives. The motto is to quickly adapt to new situations or new requirements.

However, it is often not only about flexibility that should take place in the head. Ideally, our body is also flexible enough to do everything. But as flexible and adaptable as the human body can be in many ways, there are natural limits. We discover these at the latest in our everyday working lives, when we have to endure hours in the wrong sitting posture at the computer or uncomfortably and strenuously at a standing workstation. When we perform monotonous movements like typing or assembly line work. This has little to do with flexibility. Rather, the spine, intervertebral discs and musculature are subjected to heavy and one-sided strain, which can lead to damage in the long run.

It helps to have ergonomic office furniture and chairs, or to have an active office that makes everyday work easier because it brings movement into everyday life.

From flexibility to the perfect office chair

Non-adjustable, inflexible armrests or backrests hinder people's natural urge to move.

Why should people adapt flexibly to their office or workplace if there is another way? It is much easier if the workplace, the desk or the entire periphery is ergonomic and can be adjusted to the user. Ergonomic office chairs and standing chairs can be individually and flexibly adapted to the user's needs. This means that a seat height is continuously adjustable and a suspension can be adjusted according to the user's weight and mobility. A backrest, for example, should have an adjustable lumbar support like the 3Dee from Aeris .

Much more important, however, is that an ergonomic office chair allows natural movement in all directions - i.e. the Three-dimensional movement - allows and even demands. Because only chairs that move three-dimensionally allow maximum flexibility and freedom of movement. Sitting in motion equals healthy sitting. Sitting in motion is active sitting and strengthens the back, abdominal and leg muscles. A good chair adapts to the person sitting in it - and not the person sitting in it to the chair!

Anyone who sits on a Swopper from Aeris , for example, experiences first-hand what it is like when a chair offers precisely this flexibility. The chair, which has won several awards and is ergonomic in many respects, has a unique three-dimensional mobility and can thus adapt to the person sitting in it. Despite the flexibility and movement in all directions, the upper body is always in an optimal position. So if an office chair offers maximum flexibility, the occupant can move accordingly flexibly, intuitively and naturally.

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