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What is lumbago?

The sudden onset of pain in the lumbar spine, which is usually severe Back pain in the area of the lumbar spine is commonly known as lumbago or acute lumbalgia. It is not a disease, but merely a symptom that can occur for very different reasons.

Very often, all it takes is one wrong movement and the witch shoots. You turn the wrong way, stand up crooked, lift a crate of water or even just take the dog on a leash. This is what happens: In the Spine there are small joints that jam or get caught. This pinches the nerves that run along the spine or vertebrae. This leads to the pain. It can also happen that the spinal muscles suddenly tense up and become acutely blocked. In the course of this, of course, nerves can also become pinched. Whatever the reason for lumbago, it is painful.

Incidentally, many people confuse lumbago with a slipped disc or make a slipped disc responsible for lumbago. However, the intervertebral discs, e.g. due to a bulging disc, are rarely to blame for lumbago.

Lumbago - what now?

If you have been shot by a witch, you want to be free of pain as soon as possible and, above all, be able to move again. In this case, it helps to move as "normally" and naturally as possible and to avoid relieving postures. Because every relieving posture can lead to new tensions.

The first thing to do is to lie flat on your back, bend your legs at 90 degrees and lie horizontally with your lower legs on a stool, high cushion or box. In addition to these exercises, heat also helps. Either put a hot water bottle or a cherry stone pillow on the painful area or try a heat patch. Movement is also very important, even if you feel you need to rest your lumbar spine. Light movements can relieve and relax - and also promote blood circulation, which also has a pain-reducing effect.

If the pain is very severe and does not decrease, a doctor must be consulted. He can make a reliable diagnosis and recommend a suitable therapy for the patient.

How long does lumbago last?

The duration of lumbalgia varies from case to case and from person to person. It can take up to several weeks until all the symptoms have subsided, but the worst pain should already be less after a few days. However, you don't have to be on sick leave for that long. The duration of the symptoms can be reduced through specific exercises.

Can you prevent lumbago?

A strong back is less susceptible. Therefore, you may not be able to completely rule out lumbago, but you can reduce the risk by getting enough exercise and staying fit. Even those who work a lot in a seated position because of their job can ensure that they get enough exercise and build up the muscles that are responsible for supporting the spine. The ergonomic office chairs from Aeris for example -. Aeris Swopper, Aeris 3Dee or the active standing chair Aeris Muvman - ensure that the person sitting or standing regularly has to balance their posture and move in three dimensions. This trains the muscles and prevents one-sided strain. The back is more relaxed and less susceptible.

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