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Conference chair

Ergonomic conference chair

Nowadays, modern office furniture must meet numerous requirements. After all, anyone who spends up to ten hours a day in the office also wants to feel comfortable there, stay healthy and be able to work efficiently. Office furnishings are no longer limited to the classic workplace with a desk. Office chair and desk. The design of meeting rooms, lounges or home offices is also becoming increasingly relevant.

The selection of the right conference chair plays a central role here. After all, people often spend several hours sitting in meetings and brainstorming sessions. Conference chairs are available in every conceivable design: in leather, imitation leather, as stackable cantilever chairs or foldable, with or without castors, with armrests, upholstered in fabric - the range is endless. But not all conference chairs are the same. As with the classic office chair, important criteria should be taken into account when buying in order to promote the health, productivity and well-being of employees. Just looking at a favourable price or the design is by far not enough.

What makes a good conference chair?

An important aspect when choosing a conference chair is the topic of ergonomics/mobility. After all, almost everyone knows by now that rigid, prolonged sitting makes us ill and that we need more movement in the workplace.

The ergonomic conference chair Aeris Oyo offers a simple solution to the problem of lack of movement in meeting rooms and lounges that can be integrated into everyday life. Because its natural yet unusual shape, which you use immediately, makes it a real movement talent. You can swing and sway with it and take up new sitting positions again and again. In other words, you can behave spontaneously and intuitively, i.e. completely freely according to your natural movement pattern, which rigid chairs often prevent. It thus provides "quite incidentally" for a variety of movement impulses when sitting. The good thing is that with more movement, more energy flows - in the head and in the body. This makes it easier to concentrate even on long meeting days.

In addition, the Aeris Oyo can be used universally and flexibly: as ergonomic office furniture in meeting rooms, as a visitor's chair at the reception or as a multifunctional piece of furniture for the aesthetically homely home office area. The stylish eye-catcher easily adapts to any environment thanks to its unusual shape and immediately creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Conference chairs with appealing design

In addition to the mobility and functionality of conference chairs, an attractive design is of course also a decisive factor when buying. After all, especially in meeting rooms and lounges, conference chairs have a representative function. Nevertheless, the design of conference chairs should be more than just a determination of the outward appearance and should not be understood merely as "sprucing up". Rather, the design of a conference chair should also support and allow for the function of the chair. A well-designed conference chair therefore guarantees functional, technical and aesthetic quality - like the Aeris Oyo.

It is an eye-catcher and a feel-good place and it moves - emotionally and physically. The Aeris Oyo is an aesthetically successful, timeless combination of rocking chair with backrest, shell and saddle seat. The seat and backrest are organically formed from one piece, the base in shiny chrome corresponds elegantly with the design of the shell (design Martin Ballendat). And the sweeping, organic shape supports the chair's function of bringing more movement into everyday sitting.

What's more, the Aeris Oyo has no armrests at all. It offers office workers unrestricted freedom of movement in their everyday lives. Spontaneous changes of position, such as sitting sideways on the chair, are also possible in this way. This keeps the circulation fit and activates the muscles. Armrests as distracting spacers are a thing of the past. If you want to support yourself, you place your forearms directly on the meeting table - automatically at the physiologically optimal height. The conference table functions, so to speak, as an ideally adjusted armrest.

Aeris Oyo is thus good proof that health-promoting functions and top-class design can complement each other wonderfully.

In addition to shape, colours also play an important role in the design of a conference chair. After all, colours have a considerable influence on well-being in the office. In order to offer the right chair for every office interior, the Aeris Oyo is available in seven colours - black-grey, beige-grey, red, blue, green, mottled light grey and mottled dark grey.

Cantilever chair Aeris Oyo: resilient and comfortable

And last but not least, a conference chair should be comfortable and safe in addition to being mobile, flexible and aesthetically pleasing. Thus, in the ergonomic Aeris Oyo, the organically curved shape that hugs the body and a 5 cm thick foam cushion under the cover ensure a pleasant, comfortable seating experience.

The double tubular steel construction in the cantilever frame and the glass fibre reinforcement in the plastic shell also make the conference chair Aeris Oyo extremely stable, tilt-resistant and flexible at the same time. The cantilever chair can support a load of up to 120 kg.

Conference chairs in test: Aeris Oyo as new conference chair classic

Test reports can be extremely helpful when buying office furniture. This is because experiences from experts as well as consumers provide a good overview of the most important features of a chair.

The Aeris Oyo has also been tested several times and has received many awards. In 2016, a jury of experts nominated the style icon for the "German Design Award 2016" and awarded the conference chair the "Iconic Arwards Interior Innovation" and the "iF Design Award". The conference chair Aeris Oyo convinced the jury members with its successful combination of clear, aesthetically functional design and sophisticated technology as well as its flexible usability in the home office area.

Consumers also chose the Aeris Oyo as their design favourite and awarded it the "Universal Design Award consumer favourite 2016". In addition to its broad and flexible usability as a seminar chair, visitor chair, meeting chair, rocking chair and dining chair, as well as its simple and intuitive operation, the cantilever chair scored points with consumers for its safety and fault tolerance.

Despite various test reports, a personal test sitting is recommended before every purchase. Because people do not conform to standards - neither in their physique nor in their behaviour and movement patterns - everyone should find out for themselves which chair is the perfect companion for them. At Aeris , customers have the opportunity to test the chairs at numerous specialist retailers in the shop, so that they can experience the seating feeling for themselves before making a purchase.

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