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What is performance?

Performance capacity is understood as the prerequisite or the possibility to perform over a long period of time. A distinction is made between mental and physical performance. Performance, whether physical or mental, differs from person to person and cannot be represented in a single uniform measure. A comparison can only be measured within individual disciplines using strict definitions (e.g. speed over 100 metres).

If performance refers to what can be achieved productively in a company, it is referred to as operational capability. In this case, the terms performance, capacity or efficiency are often used.

What does cognitive performance mean?

The performance and effectiveness of the brain is called cognitive performance or mental performance. How much and how effectively a brain performs is measured, among other things, by intelligence tests and represented by a so-called IQ. Even though many people believe that intelligence is innate, cognitive training can improve a person's intellectual performance. Incidentally, numerous studies have shown that a BrainThe brain, which is well supplied with blood and oxygen, is more efficient.

What is physical performance?

Even though physical fitness describes how physically resilient a person is in certain situations, it is not only important for athletes. Of course, it is about physical endurance, mobility, strength, speed or good coordination. But it also goes hand in hand with motor skills, hand-eye coordination, etc. - skills that are needed for everyday activities.

How can workplace performance be enhanced?

We know how to increase athletic or physical performance. Endurance can be trained, as can speed or strength. In fact, mental performance can also be trained and improved.

A professional environment in which employees feel comfortable can contribute to increasing the performance of employees and thus to operational efficiency. Besides a good working atmosphere, such an environment is characterised by ergonomic workplace equipment. It is a fact that employees who are healthy and have no physical complaints can perform better overall. It has been proven that those who have the opportunity to move around at work or to sit in a mobile way have less Back pain and tension, are physically healthier and fitter and have a greater sense of well-being, which ultimately leads to higher performance.

More efficient through correct sitting

The 3D active seat Aeris Swopper has revolutionised the world of work in terms of cognitive and physical performance. Thanks to the patented 3D technology, sitting in motion and frequent changes of position are required and encouraged. Abdominal and back muscles are strengthened and one-sided stress and thus tension are reduced. Studies have shown that movement also improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain. In this way, employees not only perform better physically, but also mentally.

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