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What is lumbago/lumbalgia?

Lumbago or lumbalgia is the medical term for the sudden onset of very sharp stabbing back pain in the region of the Lumbar spinealso known as "Lumbago". However, lumbago is not a disease, but rather a symptom that can have various causes. In order to relieve the pain, those affected often adopt a curved, protective posture. This is where the name "lumbago" comes from.

How does lumbago develop?

Due to the abrupt movement or unfavourable posture when bending down or lifting a heavy object, the small joints of the Spine can get stuck or two vertebrae, which are otherwise movable against each other, can get blocked. Since there are many nerves and nerve fibres in the area of the joints, such blockages are often the cause of severe back pain in lumbago.

Also, the deep muscles of the spine (so-called autochthonous back muscles) can tense up and pull during unfavourable movements, resulting in lumbago.

A slipped disc is often held responsible for lumbago. However, this is one of the rather rare causes of lumbago. Increased pressure, for example when bending over, can cause the gelatinous core to bulge. This is called a bulging disc. If the fibrous ring is even broken through by the pressure, this is called a herniated disc (disc prolapse). The intervertebral disc then falls forward, so to speak. The curved or fallen disc presses on the nerve root. Intervertebral disc presses on the nerve roots coming from the spinal cord and thus causes the severe pain in the area of the lumbar spine.

There are also other, rather rare causes, such as narrowing in the vertebral region due to tumours or inflammations.

How can you prevent lumbago?

Lumbago comes on rather suddenly. The actual cause, however, usually has a longer history: sitting at a desk for hours on end, years of lack of exercise and being overweight play a major role here. Due to the lack of movement, the abdominal and back muscles of most people have atrophied to such an extent that muscles cramp, vertebrae shift and intervertebral discs bulge - and that hurts.

The only way to combat recurring pain is to build up or strengthen the muscles, especially the back muscles. Because the stronger the muscles are trained, the less the risk of bad posture, tension or similar irritations.

In addition to targeted courses and exercises to strengthen the back muscles, which most fitness and sports studios offer, you should make sure to integrate more movement into your everyday life - especially at work.

Most of us work more than 40 hours a week in the office - most of the time sitting down - and therefore move less than 1 hour a day. However, one to two hours of sport/fitness at the end of the working day or at the weekend cannot compensate for the movement deficit from the long sedentary working day.

Aeris has therefore developed a special 3D ergonomic concept for active chairs that demand and promote natural and self-organised movement during the unavoidable sitting in everyday working life. The patented 3D active technology and gas pressure spring allow you to follow the body's natural movements when sitting on the Aeris Swopper or the Aeris 3Dee. The vertical swinging relieves the intervertebral discs and promotes blood circulation. The lateral flexibility increases the action radius, optimises the natural posture at the same time and strengthens the muscles. The floor-level 3D joint also ensures a natural forward tilt as soon as the sitter turns to the Workplace turns towards it. The result: the back remains straight and the back muscles are strengthened. Sitting on the Aeris active seats thus integrates more movement into everyday life and trains the muscles. And that is good for the back.

Individual references

My back book, Prof. Dr. Dietrich Grönemeyer, Verlag Zabert Sandmann, 2004

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