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Furniture for children that grows with them

The ergonomic children's room

Furnishing a child's room is often a challenge for parents. It should be adapted to the age of the child, but also last as long as possible.

Which parent doesn't know the situation: they have just bought new trousers or shoes for their offspring and the trousers are already too short and the shoes pinch. In addition to the constantly needed clothing, there are school supplies and field trips that aren't exactly cheap either. Plus, the kids may want to learn a musical instrument or they may need tutoring at school.

With the costs, you don't necessarily want to buy new furniture for the children's room every two years because the chair has become too small and the desk is also no longer suitable for a comfortable sitting posture. On the other hand one knows nowadays how important Ergonomics for children is, which means that the conditions should be adapted to the children and not the other way round. Especially when the child sits at the desk and does homework, ergonomic considerations play a role. The child should sit comfortably so that he or she does not get back pain or perhaps even suffer a slipped disc. However, a child's desk chair is no longer suitable after two or three years at the latest because the little ones grow up so quickly. However, many parents can't afford completely new furniture for the children's room every few years.

Agree ergonomics and costs

The solution for how to reconcile both ergonomics and costs is to buy furniture that grows with the child. This may be a little more expensive, but it lasts a long time and you can adjust it so that it fits the child for years.