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Where does the word "office" come from?

The word has its origin in French: bureau. Rather rarely, this spelling is still found in German today. An office means a business room, study or office, but also the group of people who work there. When someone goes to the office, it often means not only the room, but also the company or the building in which this room is located. In individual cases, office or bureau also means the desk of the office staff or the person working at this desk.

In new German, the English word "office" is now also frequently used instead of office.

What office professions are there?

The best-known occupation in this context is probably the office administrator, which is nowadays included in the collective term office management assistant. There are office assistants, office specialists, office assistants, office managers - the range of possible applications extends from word processing and accounting to cost accounting, order processing and human resources. In general, occupations in the fields of marketing, communication, administration, clerical work and telephone services are considered classic office occupations.

What is the perfect office?

According to estimates by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, around 20 million employees spend their working hours at an office workplace. Depending on the tasks that need to be done, the premises are designed. There is no such thing as the optimal office type, as the requirements of each company are very different. Currently in vogue are "open space offices", a modern term for open-plan offices. Single offices or double offices are becoming increasingly rare, especially in start-ups and modern large corporations, even on the executive floor.

Basically, it is important to create the best possible working environment in which those who work there can feel comfortable. Daylight, ergonomic furnishings, a nice atmosphere and sufficient space are some of the requirements that employees place on their employer nowadays.

The perfect office furniture

The perfect office furniture does not follow rigid standards, but is designed to adapt perfectly to the respective user. Every person needs different seat heights and spring strengths, and the desk must also be individually adjusted so that the user feels comfortable. An important aspect is that the office furniture "entices" movement and the office environment is designed to be bright and friendly. Only those who feel physically and mentally comfortable can deliver top performance in the office.

How an Office becomes an Aeris Active Office

Sitting for hours on end in a rigid position puts a strain on the spine. Movement in the office is therefore simply necessary and healthy. The workplace concept Aeris Active Office, developed by Aeris founder and managing director Josef Glöckl, aims to enable people at work to move in a way that suits them. This means enabling complex, spontaneous, intuitively executed movements. Recommendations include frequent changes of posture, alternating work between sitting and standing, a 3D active office chair such as the Aeris Swopper or Aeris 3Dee or an active standing seat such as the Aeris Muvman as well as desks with a standing-sitting function. The ergonomic office of today brings movement into work. and increases physical and mental performance.

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