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What is a pezzi ball?

The name PEZZI is protected and belongs to the Italian manufacturer of exercise balls, Ledragomma. A PEZZI exercise ball, or pezzi ball for short, is actually a large exercise ball, originally from that manufacturer. Today, the term pezzi ball is a deonym for a large gymnastics ball and is also used for balls from other manufacturers.

How big is a pezzi ball?

The pezzi ball is also called a sitting ball, because the average of such a gymnastic ball is about 45 to 75 cm and it is also suitable for sitting because of its resilience. If you want to use the ball for sitting and for gymnastic exercises, you should make sure that the ball has the right diameter for your body size.

What do you do with a pezzi ball?

For a long time, the pezzi ball was the tool of choice for back exercises, exercises for the Spinestrengthening the abdominal and back muscles and other exercises. The sitting ball also promotes an upright posture and, due to its instability, a constant balancing of the posture. This trains the muscles that are necessary for a healthy back. All in all, there is a wide range of exercises that can be done as part of physiotherapy, to train the sense of balance or as fitness equipment.

Is a pezzi ball safe?

As a general rule, a sitting ball should be made of a high-quality material in order to avoid unintentional - and health-endangering! - bursting. When buying a ball, make sure that it is burst-proof and made of an anti-burst system (usually made of the composite material Crylon) or labelled burst resistant or burst proof. However, there is no test standard for this.

Can a pezzi ball replace a chair?

You can sit on a pezzi ball and many people also use it in the office so that they don't have to sit permanently on a rigid office chair or so that they can move more in between. Nevertheless, the sitting ball is not office furniture, but a piece of training or gymnastic equipment that actually comes from physiotherapy. In addition, the ball is unstable, which can lead to accidents, especially in the office at the desk. The ball can easily roll away and its height cannot be adjusted. Sports scientists therefore advise against using the ball in the office, but advocate its use for stabilisation training, for example, in a suitable environment.

Active office chair instead of Pezzi ball

If you work a lot in a seated position and want to counteract back problems, you can also opt for an Aeris active office chair such as the Swopper or 3Dee. They meet all ergonomic requirements and have, for example, a stable, extremely non-tilting base and individually adjustable height. On top of that, thanks to the patented 3D technology, they promote and challenge healthy and active sitting with frequent changes of position. This enables intuitive movement forwards, backwards and sideways, but also vertically. For example, on the Aeris Swopper more than twice as much movement is possible as on a normal office chair.

Constant changes of posture are required, the back remains straight - and quite incidentally the abdominal and back muscles are trained, since, as with walking and standing, balance and equilibrium have to be maintained continuously.

Orthopaedists and physiotherapists like to recommend the Aeris Swopper, as the spiral spring allows every sitter to swing softly according to their weight class. This relieves the strain on the intervertebral discs and joints, and thanks to the pump-suction effect they are also supplied with nutrients and the harmful substances are removed. Last but not least, the movement stimulates the Circulation which is beneficial for the transport of oxygen to the brain and thus for performance.

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