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Quality of movement

Does movement have quality?

Movement is always good, any form of movement is better than sitting still and lack of movement, especially in the field of prevention and health promotion. But what exactly constitutes the quality of a health and physical activity promotion measure? The perception of this can be subjective, but it is clear that both the quantity and quality of physical activity builds and trains muscles, strengthens bones, joints, the cardiovascular system and the immune system and, last but not least, helps to achieve or maintain a healthy body weight.

What does the Federal Ministry have to do with movement?

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, together with the Federal Ministry of Health, supports the initiative for healthy nutrition and more exercise "IN FORM". The focus is on physical activity among children and young people, older people, in the family and at the workplace. It is a fact that lack of exercise - whether in leisure time, at school or at work - increases the risk of diseases and ailments: Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and lipometabolic disorders and, last but not least, diseases of an orthopaedic nature.

How can movement in the workplace be qualitatively improved?

Workplace health promotion plays an important role in preventive health care. Both the lack of movement during often predominantly sedentary activities at the desk, but also heavy physical work can lead to back problems. The workplace movement programme therefore pursues two goals: ergonomic workplace design and correct or healthy and thus high-quality movement in everyday work.

There is no question that targeted muscle training can prevent consequential damage from heavy physical work. But what about desk workers? IN FORM recommends ergonomic workplace design, which can help avoid forced postures that are harmful to health, but without being specific.

Consistently thought out further, the entire office infrastructure must be questioned. Offices, for example, are primarily designed to prevent movement, where as many people as possible are accommodated in as little space as possible, work can only be done sitting down, everything is within reach. The workplace concept Aeris Active Office® takes a completely new approach and is the only product on the market to offer a genuine fusion of work and movement. This is made possible by two work surfaces instead of one, active sit-stand furniture, smart technology and a unique workplace philosophy. In this way, the workplace becomes a space for movement - a revolution in office workplaces!

Sitting and working properly can get things moving

With the Aeris active chairs such as the 3Dee or the Swopper, you bring movement into your professional and private everyday life. Here, the innovative office swivel chair Aeris 3Dee convinces with patented 3D technology that enables natural, intuitive three-dimensional movement. The chair has an ergonomically shaped backrest for relaxed support without restricting mobility. Sitting on the Aeris Swopper is even more agile - without a backrest! Here, too, the three-dimensional mobility is given. On top of that, the sitter has to constantly balance and maintain equilibrium, similar to walking or standing. This is due to the fact that the pivot point of the chair is located in a rubber joint at the base of the spring leg. The constant movement, "swooping", strengthens the back and abdominal muscles. The overall mobility is extended, also sideways and forwards, which increases the reach and ensures an optimal posture towards the work surface.

With the workplace concept, Aeris not only changes sitting, but revolutionises the entire working day. Movement becomes the core element of working in the office. The body responds with a better sense of well-being, alertness and greater cognitive performance.

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