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Quality seal for 3D ergonomics

Seal of quality for the idea, development and implementation of the "3D ergonomics" concept

As recognition for the development of particularly moving products, projects or concepts, Aeris GmbH receives the quality seal "tested and recommended - particularly moving" from the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Haltungs- und Bewegungsförderung e. V. (Federal Association for the Promotion of Posture and Movement) for the idea, development and implementation of the concept of "3D ergonomics".

Expert opinion for the "3D ergonomics" concept

In 1997, Aeris first presented the concept of 3D ergonomics in the Aeris Swopper active seat. The unique technology and function (spring-loaded, vertical swing, 360° mobility, lateral flexibility as well as forward tilt to the work surface) allows free-flowing movements adapted to body weight and individual needs in a self-determined degree of activity. This allows the user to experience physiologically intuitive, self-organised sitting behaviour in all spatial dimensions. This unique seating concept is consistently implemented in the company's other moving products, the Aeris Swoppster children's chair, the Aeris Muvman standing aid or the 3Dee active office chair. With its concept of 3D ergonomics, Aeris GmbH has sustainably defined the qualitative understanding of "dynamic sitting". According to the motto: "Only those who move can make a difference".

The quality of movement is what counts

The moving sitting behaviours that come into play in the course of "3D ergonomics" go beyond the inflationary recommendations for dynamic or moving sitting, such as those advertised for synchronous mechanics or the recommendations for regular changes of sitting position. These recommendations are based on a linear basic understanding with a low variety of spontaneous seat variations in the spatial dimensions.

Complex and thus physiological sitting behaviours cannot be recommended or taught. They must be able to organise themselves spontaneously and intuitively on the basis of physical, mental or emotional needs in the form of micro and macro movements. The pivotal point for this is a free-flowing three-dimensional mobility of the seat surface, detached from the synchronous mechanism, to promote a complex interplay of the segments legs, pelvis, spine, shoulder and head.


  • supports the physiological posture changes,
  • permanently supplies the intervertebral discs with nutrients,
  • stimulates the complex muscles of the back,
  • the more than 100 joints in the spine kept in motion,
  • dynamically activates the internal organs,
  • optimizes blood circulation and thus oxygen supply,
  • maintain the brain metabolic processes and thus attention and concentration.

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