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Back problems in children

Malpositions in children

Many adults suffer from back problems, this is not uncommon. But children are also increasingly affected. Back problems in children should definitely be taken seriously. A child who complains of back pain is at great risk of permanent damage. The spine in children is still very flexible and development is not yet complete. Poor posture can lead to permanent damage.

Prevent back problems

Bad posture in children is usually caused by incorrect furnishing of the children's room. Children have to study more and more for school and therefore sit at their desks for long periods of time. Children's chairs, especially children's desk chairs, are rarely ergonomic and therefore not good for children's small backs. Ergonomics for children is an important issue. In the past, kids used to exercise more and be outside playing with their friends instead of sitting at their desks. Nowadays, they spend a lot more time in a sedentary position. If they are not doing homework, they are sitting in front of the computer. That is why more children suffer from back problems than used to be the case. Many are also overweight, which makes the problem even worse. When furnishing a child's room, it is therefore very important to buy ergonomic children's chairs. Of course, you should try to make sure that the little ones do sports and do not spend their day just sitting. Attention should also be paid to a healthy diet. But if the child still sits a lot, for example because he has to study a lot for school, an ergonomic desk chair is a preventive measure against back problems. The health of your children should be worth the purchase.