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Saddle chair

What is a saddle chair?

As the name suggests, the saddle chair is a chair whose seat is reminiscent of a riding saddle. The seat height is often somewhat higher than that of a conventional chair and is used accordingly at height-adjustable tables. Saddle chairs are also familiar from dentists' or physiotherapists' practices, but hairdressers also like to use saddle chairs, i.e. all those who have to sit a lot while working, but also have to move around.

Is it healthier to sit on a saddle chair?

You sit differently on a saddle chair - and it depends entirely on the person sitting on it how they prefer to sit. Unlike a conventional chair or office chair, where the back and thighs usually form a 90-degree angle, as do the thighs and lower legs, the saddle chair allows an angle of up to 135 degrees. The 90-degree angle in the hip joint can lead to unnatural strain on the intervertebral disc if the sitter moves too little or does not have the opportunity to sit dynamically.

Which saddle chair is the right one?

The Aeris Swopper active office chair allows you to sit as if on a saddle, because the convex seat shape allows you to place your legs at a much greater angle than 90 degrees to your upper body or to let them "fall" - depending on the seat height at which you have adjusted the Aeris Swopper (to match the height of your desk). Either way, all Aeris Swoppers allow the upright sitting position known from riders and force a constant balancing of the posture. This is active sitting, which strengthens the back and abdominal muscles and benefits the stability of the spine as a whole. And because early practice makes perfect, Aeris also offers the ergonomic Swoppster active chair for children from kindergarten age with the same positive features as its big brother Aeris Swopper.

And because early practice makes perfect, Aeris also offers the ergonomic active chair Aeris Swoppster for children from kindergarten age with the same positive features as its big brother Aeris Swopper.

The seat of the Oyo from Aeris is also shaped like a saddle. In the Oyo, the saddle is on a skid frame and is more reminiscent of a cantilever chair. It looks just as good at the conference table as in the dining room, lounge or waiting room. It can be used in as many different ways as it allows for sitting positions. The saddle seat and backrest together form a flexible and robust plastic shell that invites every user to sit the way they like best.

Saddle seat for standing work

Even though the Muvman from Aeris does not have a saddle seat in the true sense of the word, the ergonomic stand-sit chair allows you to sit while standing up and thus achieve a similarly large angle of the hip joint as when sitting in a saddle. Similar to the Aeris Swopper and Aeris Swoppster, this chair also offers maximum mobility, avoids incorrect posture and, at the same time, strengthens the back and abdominal muscles.

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