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Sitting in motion

Sitting rigidly was yesterday. Today we sit in motion!

Results of the study of the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Haltungs- und Bewegungsförderung e.V. on the Aeris Swopper.

The functional-degenerative disease patterns of the axial skeleton, our painful back experiences, correlate with the way of a physical misbehaviour practiced for years. We move too little, sit too long, and moreover, we sit incorrectly!

When the body can, it moves.

With regard to postural physiological processes, the load-bearing segments of the postural and locomotor system should not be subjected to static stress for too long. In this respect, the healthy organism has a highly sensitive reflex system for its self-protection, which allows it to regularly oscillate around its "body perpendicular".

The constant and unconscious change of load between the playing leg and the standing leg in a free-standing person makes this clear. Every unconsciously practiced change of posture while standing - the most important life-sustaining functions run autonomously - relieves the previously loaded musculo-skeletal parts to the detriment of others.

Each individual posture in and of itself would be detrimental to health in the long run, but in constant alternation they represent the optimum of achievement for a psychological posture. The body regulates this interplay of static and dynamic, of tension and relaxation quite independently, if it has the freedom for various alternating postures, as is exemplarily given in standing.

Our body is made for movement - so that life can pulsate.

Sitting on the Aeris Swopper means swinging (swopping) vertically, horizontally and diagonally. This is the optimal condition for sitting in motion around the body. The Aeris Swopper follows every movement of the body, at the same time animating it to change. This means that it no longer slows down the natural movement impulses of the human body, but promotes them - continuously and effectively. The Aeris Swopper thus adapts to the individual (movement) needs of its user and not vice versa.

An interaction is created between the user and the Aeris Swopper: as soon as the body seeks a change of load, the chair follows this movement and does not block it. Swopping also stimulates the legs to move. With every movement of the legs we set the vein pump in motion. This activates the blood circulation. All organs, especially the brain, are consequently better supplied with blood and oxygen. This makes concentrated work possible for longer.

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