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Sitting and health

Integrate movement more strongly into everyday life

Anyone who thinks of health only as the absence of illness is very much mistaken. The term implies, among other things, feeling well, being efficient and optimistic. But how do we achieve these conditions? Fitness can help us. If we get enough exercise, we create the ideal conditions for staying healthy. Movement should therefore be integrated more strongly into our everyday lives. With the active seating furniture from Aeris , effective movement comes into sitting for the first time, and this benefits our fitness and health.

Stimulate the circulation

Circulation are the ways in which the blood circulates through our body. The blood serves as a means of transport for food, oxygen and metabolic waste products. Blood circulation is kept going by the heart, the muscle fibres of the arterial walls and by the Breathing keep the blood flowing. The movement of the body's muscles plays an essential role in the onward transport of the blood in the veins. If, for example, the calf muscles are moved, they become shorter and thicker. At the same time, they push the blood in the veins further up towards the heart. Venous valves prevent it from simply sinking back "on every floor". Breathing also plays a decisive role in returning the venous blood: Good breathing exercises are one of the most important means of supporting the circulation.

What happens when sitting on conventional chairs?

Those who breathe deeply and move around a lot are also doing something for their circulation. If you stand or sit upright, you give your diaphragm enough room for deep breathing. But if you sit on conventional chairs, you hardly move at all, there is hardly any muscle play. In addition, a hunched back posture constricts the abdominal cavity and thus the diaphragm and breathing. The result: circulation is impeded, the brain is poorly supplied with oxygen, yawning, Fatigue and blockages in thinking become unavoidable.

What happens when sitting on Aeris active seating furniture?

If you sit on the Aeris Swopper, the Aeris Swoppster, the Aeris 3Dee, the Aeris Oyo or the Aeris Muvman, you sit up straight and move a wide range of muscle groups. This means: breathing is deeper, the circulation stays going better, blood vessels are not squeezed, the brain is better supplied with oxygen, you stay happier, fitter and perform better.

Unleash performance potential

American studies have shown that when the body is exposed to a light load of 20 to 25 watts, mental performance increases by about 15 percent. Performance increases by about 15 percent. It is precisely this activation of the organism that is achieved through the new sitting in motion. One remains in motion even during sedentary activities and Bad posture and tensions of the entire postural apparatus are avoided.

More than 70 % of employees at VDU workstations complain about physical complaints. Unfavourable working postures reduce our personal performance by up to 40 %. Better sitting conditions not only help to release this performance potential, but also create more health and motivation.

The problem with presenteeism

Presenteeism is being present at the workplace without being fully productive. For example, when you show up at work despite being ill. So if you come despite headaches or back pain and are constantly busy resisting the pain. According to a survey by the Scientific Institute of the AOK (WIdO), about one third of employees go to work even against the explicit advice of their doctor. Presenteeism often occurs precisely with back pain. The damage to companies is immense. A study by the American Cornell University recorded three times higher productivity losses through sick employees at work than through colleagues on sick leave. (Source: Wikipedia)

Healthy sitting - variety makes the difference!

Chairs that try to force us into "one correct posture" are outdated. The more often we change our posture and our sitting positions, and the more we stay with the Sitting in motion the better for our whole body. The Aeris Swopper is the seating furniture that offers the most mobility in the world when sitting. It makes three-dimensional compensatory movements possible when sitting, whereas conventional seating furniture allows movements in two dimensions at most - which, however, are often not freely selectable but, for example, linear, as with the synchronous mechanism. All active seating furniture from Aeris demands and promotes mobile sitting and thus meets all the requirements that doctors and therapists place on healthy sitting.

Why sitting in motion is important

The link chain of the vertebral body series only functions when the pelvis is in an unstable balance. Only the balance of the pelvis enables the balance of the support and movement system based on it. In this process, spinal oscillations in particular are regularly changed, Intervertebral discs permanently supplied with nutrients, complex back muscles are stimulated and strengthened and over 100 joints in the spine are kept in motion.

Through active-dynamic sitting, the sense of balance and the movement functions are activated and the neurophysiological functions of our body are "kept awake" while sitting in motion. The nerve metabolism is thus stimulated, we are more attentive and can concentrate better.

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