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Vertical swing

Lack of exercise during office work

Office work is usually completely "motionless". When working in the office, one moves the mouse and keyboard, one's gaze rests on the screen, one reaches for the pen or the telephone. But that's about it. Sounds comfortable - but it's bad for your health.

As a former Hunter and gatherer human being, it is downright absurd to sit in a chair for eight or more hours and not move. We are not genetically programmed for this. This lack of movement therefore has serious health consequences, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic back problems, etc.

It is healthy when people can behave according to their natural movement pattern in the office. In other words, spontaneously, intuitively, freely and self-organised in every direction.

Can an office chair do that?

Most conventional office chairs are equipped with a simple synchronous mechanism. This means that only the seat and backrest move forwards and backwards. These are linear, one-dimensional movements and not a complex sequence of movements as nature intended for humans.

The two-dimensional movement concepts for office chairs, which have a movement point under the seat, also put more strain on the body than they give it wings. This is because the "wobbling" of the seat surface tilts the pelvis and the intervertebral discs are loaded on one side. Vertical swinging in the third dimension is not possible with either concept.

The Swopper and 3Dee active seats from Aeris , on the other hand, with their 3D technology and vertical swinging by means of a gas pressure spring, demand and encourage moving sitting in three dimensions: forwards and backwards, to the side and vertically, i.e. downwards and upwards. And that is unique. The chair follows the person and not vice versa. This type of movement corresponds to the natural human urge to move: constant Change of posture and spontaneous, intuitive movements in all directions This integrates more movement into everyday life quite incidentally.

What positive effect does vertical swinging have?

The soft up and down movements during vertical swinging correspond to the loading and unloading of our body during walking and running. It provides the intervertebral discs with sufficient nutrients and relieves them, activates the muscles, promotes blood circulation and gets the circulation going. The diaphragm is free and as a result the Breathing deeper. Due to the better oxygen supply, the brain works at full speed and you can concentrate better. Not to forget the positive emotional effect: the vertical swinging is pleasant and brings a smile to your lips - like when you played with a bouncy ball as a child.

The vertical swing of the Aeris chairs can be individually adjusted to the body weight and to the general joy of movement.