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Article Jul 22

15 consequences of lack of exercise and the solution against it!

We explain the effects of a lack of exercise on your health and what you can do about it in the workplace.

What are the consequences of lack of movement? How does bad office furniture affect movement? And: What is the solution to prevent a lack of movement in the workplace? We explain this in detail in this article.

Table of Contents 

In this article you will learn:

  • What is lack of exercise?
  • Lack of exercise due to work in the office
  • 15 Symptoms and consequences of lack of exercise for health
  • The solution: Intuitive movement in everyday working life
  • 12. osteoarthritis

    Osteoarthritis is damage to joint cartilage. It occurs particularly frequently in the shoulders, knees and hips. However, the hands can also be affected. This joint wear and tear occurs with a lack of movement because the cartilage in the joints is not sufficiently supplied with fluid and the metabolic products are not adequately removed from the joint. Those affected often suffer from severe pain in the joints.


    Woman with painful hands and arthrosis in hands. Wrong posture at work and lack of exercise cause osteoarthritis.

    Long-term consequences such as arthrosis can also develop in the hands. The reason: an unnatural posture when working with mouse and keyboard as well as too little relieving movement for the joints.

    13. osteoporosis

    Osteoporosis is the technical term for bone loss. This disease leads to a decrease in bone density and the breakdown of bone substance. The skeleton becomes more fragile. Osteoporosis mostly affects older people, but has also been increasing in younger people in recent years. Exercise is the best way to counteract bone loss. Why? Activity puts stress on the bones and builds up bone substance. The best prevention of osteoporosis is exercise in the fresh air (for example, a short walk in the sunshine) in combination with a calcium-rich diet.

    14. poor immune system

    The immune system is also significantly weakened by a permanent lack of exercise. Physical activity stimulates the production of immune cells. If there is too little physical inactivity, the immune system also shuts down and we are more susceptible to pathogens and diseases.

    15. increased risk of stress

    Everyone knows stress! But perhaps you've noticed how good you feel after an hour of sport and how bad you feel when you've been "lounging" in your office chair for 8 hours or more. Why is that? It's simple: stress is a natural reaction to strain. The hormones released in the process put the body on alert. However, deadline pressure, constant availability, social media activities, online meetings and much more are now putting us under constant strain in our digitalized world. You are under stress!

    Exercise is the most important outlet for this. Physical exertion, such as sports, releases the hormone serotonin and thus reduces the stress hormones.

    16. burn out and depression

    In the worst case, a permanent lack of exercise not only leads to stress, but also has serious psychological consequences, such as depression or burnout. Studies have shown that people with a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to depression. Increased working from home and the resulting lack of social interaction, combined with little exercise, also increases the risk of depression. The reason: just like the body, the mind is not designed to be permanently inactive. This means that your brain needs to be stimulated and constantly needs new stimuli to stay active and healthy.

    Man with burn out at his desk. Depression and burn out as a result of lack of exercise.
    If stress hormones are not reduced through exercise - for example, through sports - a permanent stress load can, in the worst case, lead to burn out and depression.

    Solution to lack of movement: Intuitive movement in everyday working life

    To effectively prevent the risk factor of lack of exercise, it is important to actively integrate exercise into your daily work routine. Even a small amount of daily exercise significantly reduces the risk of illness.

    Integrating intuitive movement into your everyday life is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. You don't have to exercise every day or draw up a "movement plan". After all, coordinated ergonomic furniture in the office and home office will help you to automatically move more at work and fight back pain and the like. At Aeris , we call this the "Active Office" concept.

    Find out here how you can achieve perfect ergonomics at your workplace.

    What is the "Aeris Active Office" concept?

    Fortunately, height-adjustable desks are now more widespread in many offices than they were a few years ago. However, occasional use alone is not enough to effectively combat lack of movement. One major problem: "Conventional height-adjustable desks are down 90% of the time. That's not enough movement to really stay efficient and healthy," says Aeris Managing Director Josef Glöckl.

    The "Aeris Active Office" concept provides a remedy. The Aeris Active Office does not follow any rigid norms. On the contrary, your office equipment becomes a space in which you can move intuitively. It is designed in such a way that it can be perfectly adapted to the respective person.

    Woman sitting at a height-adjustable desk on the Aeris Swopper. More movement in the home office promotes health.
    The new Aeris Active Office Desk allows you to switch quickly between standing and sitting. The Aeris Swopper keeps you moving even when sitting and with the standing mat Aeris Muvmat you always stand ergonomically correct.

    "For this purpose, we have developed the Aeris Active Office Desk , for example. This table has two divided work levels - a sitting work surface and a standing work surface - both of which are height-adjustable. This makes intuitive movement while working and quickly switching between sitting and standing very easy." Best of all, you don't have to worry about constantly raising and lowering the table or even interrupting your work to switch between sitting and standing.

    Learn more about the new Aeris Active Office Desk .

    Tip: Do you already have another height-adjustable desk? Then set yourself a manual reminder and try to switch between standing and sitting at least every 30 minutes.

    The Aeris Active Office concept is rounded off with an office chair that promotes movement, such as the legendary Aeris Swopper. This ergonomic office stool keeps you moving even while sitting. This keeps you fit and productive throughout the day.

    But what do you do if your work no longer takes place in the office, but is location-independent? We'll explain the solution in the next section.

    Individual movement concepts for hybrid working

    Studies show that we move significantly less in the home office than in the traditional office environment. This means that the modern, location-independent working world is drastically exacerbating the lack of movement. The problem: Unlike the office, the home office is not regulated by law. Often, the office furniture and technical equipment are significantly worse than in the workplace. Many people don't even have a workroom and spend hours sitting on the couch or at the dining table. All this leads to poor posture, little movement and health problems.

    The hyper-personalization of the workplace sees the office and home office merge.

    But what is the solution to this lack of exercise? Individual exercise concepts for each employee. This means creating a new "set of rules" that is individually tailored to each person.

    "We need to break out of old ways of thinking and stop thinking in categories like office or home office. The focus must be on individualized workplace solutions. That means we should ask ourselves: What do people need to stay physically and mentally fit, productive and healthy? In English, they say "one size fits no one," and that's true. Every person has different needs, prerequisites and personal circumstances. In this kind of "hyper-personalization" of the working world, the office and the home office are merging," says Patrick Wurm, Chief Growth Officer at Aeris.

    Man sitting in home office on ergonomic office chair Aeris Swopper.
    Especially if you frequently switch between office and home office, you should pay attention to the right equipment at your home workplace.

    How does such a personalized physical activity concept work? In addition to the appropriate equipment that promotes physical activity, employers have a particular responsibility to combat the lack of physical activity. Patrick Wurm: "Companies need to create flexible and transparent working hours to allow for exercise in between - for example, for sports, shopping during the lunch break or housework. Doing housework and laundry during working hours: What would have potentially been grounds for dismissal in the past, employers should definitely take into account in their exercise concepts for hybrid working today! A short break with physical activity, that's exactly what we need in the home office to stay fresh and have energy. Sounds very trivial now, but it's impossible in the old ways of thinking during working hours."

    Lack of exercise: integrate exercises against back pain into the workday

    As mentioned several times before, back pain and tension are a common result of lack of exercise. To effectively prevent back problems, you can easily incorporate a quick back workout into your workday. You can do the following exercises from Nike fitness trainer Cecilia Zonta - with or without an office chair - in just a few minutes.

    Now it's your turn: keep moving and don't give back pain, tension, tiredness, etc. a chance!

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