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Article Nov 21

31 Gift ideas for a healthy back

Tips for every budget: How to find a sensible gift against back pain and for more well-being for your loved ones

We all have high expectations of a gift for our loved ones. But what are sensible gifts? Our tip: Do something good for your loved one's back. 31 gift ideas for a healthier back, more well-being and relaxation.

We often ask ourselves the same question: "What are useful gifts for my friends and family?" Hand on heart: timeless classics like socks or a T-shirt have become a bit boring. A little more creativity in gift selection as well as taking into account the individual needs of parents, grandparents, siblings and friends helps to really give the recipient a long-term joy with the birthday or Christmas gift. The following 31 gift ideas for every budget keep the back fit, strengthen the muscles, relieve tension in the body, reduce stress, stimulate the circulation, improve general well-being and help with relaxation.

Best of all, many of the tips on our list make great last-minute Christmas gifts.



With a yoga course you give the gift of pure relaxation and health. Yoga offers stress relief and keeps you fit. The variety of exercises relaxes the entire body and strengthens the muscles. In addition, the associated breathing techniques help to reduce stress. It is important what level of ability the person you want to give the course to has. Yoga courses are available for beginners, advanced and professionals. The cost of a yoga class with an experienced teacher ranges from 20 to 80 euros. The more hours a course has, the cheaper the individual lessons become. Of course, there are also online yoga courses for at home. With this cheaper option, you get access to a large selection of video courses as well as live sessions.

Regardless of whether you are a yoga beginner, advanced, male or female: the next gift tips can be put to good use by all yoga students .

Gift ideas for a healthy back: Yoga.
Yoga is not only good for the back, but also for the mind and soul.


The yoga mat is the central element in yoga. Good yoga mats are already available from 20 euros. Depending on the manufacturer, however, the price can go up to 120 euros. It is important that you pay attention to a few details when choosing a yoga mat, such as material, thickness, size and feel. Most mats have a length of about 180 centimetres and a width of about 60 centimetres. You can use your body length + 10 centimetres as a yardstick. A standard yoga mat should also be about 4 millimetres thick.


For all those who already have a mat and do yoga regularly, a yoga block is a suitable small Christmas gift. Important: The block should be stable and sufficiently wide. A yoga block made of cork or bamboo is also visually appealing.


Another useful Christmas gift: the yoga cushion. It is important for the meditation practice and helps to achieve and maintain a comfortable and stable posture during meditation. Yoga cushions are available for between 22 and 60 euros. Common shapes are round and half-moon. Most yoga cushions are filled with spelt or buckwheat husks. You should find out the personal preferences of the recipient in advance. Then success with this gift is guaranteed.


There are dozens of yoga books on the market. From the history of yoga to yoga cookbooks, there is everything. It's best to seek advice at a specialist shop to find the right book for you. Our Tip: "Yoga - the great practical handbook for beginners & advanced practitioners". This standard yoga book contains over 120 exercises with 700 step-by-step pictures, making it ideal for yogis of all abilities.



Do you have friends or relatives who sit a lot due to their office job? Then a participation in a "Rückenfit" course is a very meaningful Christmas present for them! These special training courses are a good way to relieve back and neck problems or to prevent back pain. All fitness studios offer these training programmes, but membership is often required. However, with many providers it is possible to arrange a trial lesson without any problems.

31 gift ideas for a healthy back: Fitness courses.
Fitness courses specially designed for the back strengthen the back muscles and help with back problems.

As an alternative to fitness studios, many adult education centres offer "back fit" courses. Usually, the cost for a course of 8 to 12 hours is between 80 and 120 euros per person.

Tip: All statutory health insurance funds usually contribute to the costs of so-called health courses such as back training. Insured persons thus receive a part of the costs for the courses back.


Aqua Fit is water gymnastics that is easy on the joints. Due to the "weightless" training in the water, all muscles are stressed, but not too much. Aqua Fit also improves fitness and energy in everyday life.


Strong Back Training specifically trains the deep muscles and strengthens the spine, thus preventing posture and back problems. This training method is particularly suitable for people with office jobs to train the back in the long term.

Very good as a balance to the rigid working day in the office


A voucher for a classic gymnastics course is always a useful gift. Specially designed for the back, the muscles are specifically strengthened without additional equipment. The specific exercises for strengthening and mobilisation are very well suited as a balance to the rigid daily work routine in the office.


Pilates - developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s - is a very popular training method, especially among women. The mix of Asian martial arts, yoga and gymnastics elements specifically trains the abdominal and back muscles. Posture is permanently improved.


Woyo training combines a modern fitness workout with yoga. Muscle building and posture improvement, combined with a positive body feeling and improved well-being.


What is better than fighting the symptoms, i.e. back pain? That's right, already preventing the causes that lead to the pain. The following gift tips help to improve everyday office life and get more movement during work - even when sitting. This can prevent tension and prevent back pain in the long term. Sensible Christmas gifts for everyone who works in the office.


The permanent use of an incorrect keyboard leads to aching hands and later to tension in the shoulder and neck area. These problems can be prevented with an ergonomic keyboard. An ergonomic keyboard enables a natural position of the hands and thus pain-free working. It is important that the heels of the hands rest on a pad (see picture). If you want to give an ergonomic keyboard as a Christmas present, you will have to invest between 50 and 150 euros.

31 gift ideas for a healthy back. Helpers in the office: the ergonomic keyboard.
An ergonomic keyboard like this one from Logitech, can prevent tension in the arms, shoulders and neck muscles.


Similar to the keyboard, the mouse is also enormously important for back-friendly and pain-free work at the desk. An unnatural hand position when using a conventional mouse causes pain in the hand, which can quickly extend to the shoulder and neck area. An ergonomic mouse prevents this problem. It is symmetrically shaped and thus promotes natural hand posture. Cost: 20 to 80 euros.


Admittedly, the Aeris Active Office Desk standing desk doesn't quite fit under the Christmas tree or on the birthday table. But it fits perfectly in the office and home office. With the height-adjustable double desk you give away the elegant and space-saving stand-sit solution for a contemporary equipped home office. Alternating between standing and sitting promotes movement during work and effectively prevents back pain. Studies prove this positive effect: less back pain and muscle tension as well as better concentration.


The Aeris Muvmat standing mat is the perfect Christmas gift for all those who work a lot and for a long time standing up. The anti-fatigue mat is the ideal addition to any standing workstation. Because standing on hard floors means hard work for the body and the back. With the Aeris Muvmat has a special topographical 3D structure. This activates the foot reflex zones, keeps the body always in a slight movement and thus relaxes the muscles.

31 Gift ideas for a healthy back: The Aeris Active Office Desk  double desk and the Aeris Muvmat are the perfect helpers for a healthy back.
The Aeris Active Office Desk and the Aeris Muvmat in combination. The ergonomic helpers keep you moving in the office and your back healthy.


The Active Office book "Der Arbeitsplatz als Bewegungsraum" (The workplace as a space for movement) offers incentives and concepts to design office and home office workplaces ergonomically and to move sufficiently in everyday office life. This revolutionary workplace concept helps to work healthier, fitter and more productively. A good Christmas gift for colleagues, relatives and friends who spend a lot of time in their office chair.

Tip: Everything on the subject of ergonomics at the workplace and many other interesting articles, you will find here in our Aeris magazine



The non-plus-ultra Christmas gift for more well-being and back health is the legendary active office chair Aeris Swopper. The ergonomic office chair was developed for one big goal: more movement while sitting. Because too little movement makes you ill. And how could you say to your loved ones at Christmas "You mean a lot to me and I want to do something good for you" than with a chair that promotes long-term health?! The Aeris Swopper desk chair features the revolutionary Aeris 3D technology, invented especially for it, and thus offers movement in all three dimensions. This makes the Aeris Swopper ideal for long and concentrated sitting in the office or home office.

Discover the Aeris Swopper in detail here.

31 gift ideas for more well-being and a healthy back. The ergonomic office chair Aeris Swopper.
The ergonomic office chair Aeris Swopper strengthens the back muscles with its 3D movement.


If you want to give pure relaxation to your parents, partner or colleagues, a professional massage is the perfect gift. With this Christmas gift, you can give your loved ones a break from everyday life. Depending on the massage technique, prices for a 45-minute massage range from 45 to 70 euros. However, there are many different massages and treatments. The following are best for relaxing the back muscles:


31 gift ideas for more well-being and a healthy back: Hot Stone Massage.
The hot stone massage loosens the back muscles and releases blockages.

During the hot stone massage, volcanic stones are placed on acupuncture points of the body. The massage with the approx. 60 degree hot stones and aromatic oil loosens the muscles and releases blockages in the back. This massage is especially recommended during the winter season. A voucher for a hot stone massage is therefore an ideal Christmas gift.


Here, different essential oils are massaged deep into the skin and muscles. The individual scents have different effects on the body. In addition to relieving tension and pain, the aroma oil massage also stimulates all the senses of the body.


In this traditional Asian technique, cotton bags are specifically passed over the body. The small, heated bags are filled with herbs, vegetable oils and dried fruits and release active ingredients into the muscles during the massage. The herbal stamp massage relieves joint and back pain as well as sore muscles and stress symptoms such as headaches.


A gift tip you can't really go wrong with: The classic back massage. It prevents the number one common disease, back pain. The special massage technique stretches and loosens the muscles in the neck and shoulder area.


Probably the best-known massage technique from the Far East. Be careful if you want to give this massage as a gift! You can't be squeamish with Thai massage. The masseurs work with your own body weight, hands, elbows and even your feet. But one thing is certain with Thai massage: even the deepest tension in the back is released.


If you don't want to spend too much money on massages or back fitness classes, but still want to give your loved ones a little something to relax their backs this Christmas 2021, then these gift ideas for the home might help.


Essential oils have a relaxing effect on the muscles and the nervous system. In addition, the different scents stimulate our senses and thus help to relieve everyday stress.

NOTE: Essential oils applied pure can cause allergies and irritate the skin. It is therefore best to add these oils drop by drop to a carrier oil (e.g. almond oil). An exception and very well tolerated oil is, for example, lavender oil. It is best to seek advice from a specialist shop or an aromatherapist to find the right gift for your husband or wife. There you will also receive advice and tips regarding possible allergies.


31 gift ideas for more well-being and a healthy back.
A relaxing bath is good for the general well-being and also relaxes the back muscles.

An inexpensive Christmas gift: bath additives made from medicinal herbs. These are very good for back pain. A 15-20 minute full bath with medicinal herbs relaxes the muscles and reduces stress. Bath additives made from lemon balm, sage or rosemary are particularly popular. To make the right choice, you should know the personal preferences and possible allergies of the recipient.


For all those who don't like to get into the bath, warming ointments are a good gift tip. These special creams penetrate deep into the muscles. Tension is released and pain is alleviated.


Heat patches have a similar effect to heat ointments. If you would like to give someone with back pain such special patches for Christmas, it is best to ask for advice at the pharmacy.


The spelt pillow is a time-honoured classic among Christmas gifts. But don't worry: this is not a gift just for old people. On the contrary! Even children love spelt pillows. Warmed in the oven or on the heater, it helps to relax the neck and back muscles.


The "little everyday helpers" are a great gift idea for everyday use. With these tools, you can give a Christmas gift with long-term benefits.

31 gift ideas for more well-being and a healthy back. The fascia roller.
A fascia roller is a useful gift for daily use. However, the fascia roller only alleviates the symptoms and does not fight the causes of the back problems.


A fascia roll or black roll is a roll made of hard foam. Used in various exercises, it serves to release muscle tension and reduce pain as well as to increase the mobility of muscles and joints. A Blackroll is approx. 30 x 15 cm in size.You can expect to pay between 20 and 40 euros for this gift.


With prices ranging from 60 to 150 euros, an electric blanket is not exactly the cheapest Christmas present. However, an electric blanket provides warmth at the touch of a button, warming the entire back area and muscles evenly. Back pain, tension and cramps are thus relieved.


Now you might be wondering how a foot massage roller got into our Christmas gift tips for back health? It's simple: by stimulating the foot reflex zones, nerve pathways throughout the body are stimulated, thereby relaxing the muscles. Especially for people who like foot massages, this Christmas gift is a great tip. Even if you are on a "tight" budget: you can get foot massage rolls for less than 20 euros.


People are not made for shoes and hard floors per se. The lack of cushioning and support for the feet in barefoot shoes means that the muscles in the feet and legs are trained and posture is permanently improved. This also has a positive effect on the back. Attention: If you decide to buy barefoot shoes as a Christmas present for parents, children or friends, you should know the personal "style" preferences. It is better if barefoot shoes are already on their Christmas wish list.


Acupressure mats are very trendy! Accordingly, the spiky mats are likely to be frequently found under the Christmas tree as a gift at Christmas 2021. You can get a good acupressure mat for between 35 and 90 euros. When using an acupressure mat, you lie down on the spiked mat. This promotes blood circulation and relieves muscle tension.

No matter which Christmas gifts you decide on in the end. We hope that our gift tips for more well-being will help you choose the right Christmas gift and wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas!

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