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Article Jun 22

The healthy hour with Aeris

Aeris CEO Josef Glöckl as a guest on Klassik Radio. Listen to the programme "die gesunde Stunde" now.

Aeris Founder and Aeris Swopper inventor Josef Glöckl was recently a guest on the radio programme "die gesunde Stunde". He spoke with Klassik Radio presenter Sven Häberle about the health consequences of lack of exercise, why a backrest is really not necessary and the new Aeris Active Office concept. An excerpt from the entertaining, interesting and informative conversation.

Have you ever seen someone walking with a backrest?

...Josef Glöckl asks presenter Sven Häberle when he asks the Aeris Swopper inventor about the missing backrest in the programme "die gesunde Stunde". Häberle replies with a not entirely serious "rarely to never".

Josef Glöckl: "Rarely if ever. It was the same for me. And then I thought to myself Why don't people need a backrest when they go for a walk? Yes, because you move your back [...] the muscles keep the back upright [...] Because of the movement, they are well supplied with blood and strong. This prevents back pain. You need a backrest if your back has to do any holding work. For example, if you sit rigidly and remain in the sitting position for hours, the muscles tense up [...] That's why the perfect antidote to back pain is not leaning, but moving slightly while sitting."

"I have to ask for the benefit of people who are already suffering from back pain: Can it also be that if I say I will now bring more movement into my workplace setting, that this can simply bring relief because movement will come back into my life?

Combining work and exercise. This is the solution!

Josef Glöckl: "We have thousands of emails where customers say, 'since I've been sitting on the Aeris Swopper, my life is different, I feel good again'. We get such enthusiastic feedback, I almost can't say that because it sounds so exaggerated. But of course we are proud of it. And it confirms us [...] that we say: combine work and movement. That's the solution!"

Aeris Managing Director Josef Glöckl during the radio programme die gesunde Stunde on Klassik Radio.
Aeris Managing Director Josef Glöckl in conversation with Klassik Radio presenter Sven Häberle. The Aeris Swopper inventor was a guest on the programme "die gesunde Stunde".

"But today, work is no longer necessarily tied to a fixed location," the moderator rightly remarks.

Josef Glöckl: "That's right. [...] It's just that if you spend two hours lounging on the couch in your home office with your laptop on your knees, that's not necessarily good for your health. The secret is: you have to combine work and exercise. We have developed Aeris Active Office Desk to help you make this connection in the best possible way.

Conventional height-adjustable desks [...] are 98 % down. That's not enough movement to really stay efficient and healthy. We need a different solution. That's why the Aeris Active Office Desk has two work levels, a sitting work surface and a standing work surface, both of which are height-adjustable. This makes intuitive movement during work and the quick change between sitting and standing very easy."

...You want to know more? The whole conversation with Josef Glöckl you can listen to here.

What is the healthy hour on classical radio?

In the programme "die gesunde Stunde" (the healthy hour), Klassik Radio provides its listeners with tips and trends for a healthy, enjoyable and active life every Saturday from 5 to 6 pm. 

Article Jan 22

These 9 must-haves you need in the home office

These 9 helpers will keep you fit, moving, in a good mood, healthy and productive in the home office.

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Article Jan 22

"If you keep moving, you won't get tired!"

Aeris Managing Director Josef Glöckl talks about his vision and the advantages of Haar as a location in an interview with the municipality of Haar.

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Article May 22

Aeris Commitment to climate protection - climate neutral by 2030

Aeris is a founding member of the business alliance "DIE KLIMANEUTRALEN". The goal: to be climate-neutral by 2030.

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