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Article Mar 23

4 TOP Facts why you should not do without dynamic sitting on the Aeris Swopper

Ergonomic office stool Aeris Swopper allows dynamic sitting with maximum freedom of movement and this has many health benefits.

The fact is that many of us work at a desk and therefore spend the majority of our day sitting. Most of us know that we should sit as ergonomically and dynamically as possible. The range of ergonomic office chairs is correspondingly large. Unfortunately, however, most chairs allow too little to no or not the right movement and do more harm than good. Fatigue, headaches, back pain, etc. are the consequences. The list is long.

Therefore, eyes on when buying a chair! We show you how the ergonomic office stool Aeris Swopper allows you to sit dynamically with maximum freedom of movement and why it is good to lean "far out of the chair".

1. dynamic sitting through 3D ergonomics

What exactly is dynamic sitting and why is it good?

Dynamic sitting means changing your sitting position or posture as often as possible. However, you should try to keep your upper body straight and not make a hunchback. There are no other rules; every change of sitting position means movement and is good for the body.

Since dynamic sitting uses different muscle structures, the back muscles and also abdominal muscles differently and in alternation, one-sided strain can be avoided. Through the movement, the intervertebral discs are naturally loaded and unloaded. This promotes the supply of nutrients to the intervertebral discs, which in turn has a positive effect on the entire spine. In addition, dynamic sitting incidentally increases the blood circulation - not only of the body, but also of the brain!

And how exactly does the Aeris Swopper enable dynamic sitting?

The Aeris Swopper has a special 3D technology consisting of a 3D joint and a spring-loaded seat. It makes movement in three dimensions possible while sitting. So you can swing the ergonomic office chair back and forth, to the side and - unique to Aeris - even up and down. The office stool Aeris Swopper thus offers you maximum freedom of movement with many posture changes. It follows you and your body and not the other way around and thus supports your intuitive movements.

Conventional ergonomic movement technologies, such as the synchronous mechanism, Smart-Spring technology or the rocker mechanism, allow movement in two dimensions at most. This enables movement, but unfortunately only in a limited, predetermined manner and with little flexibility. This does not have much to do with intuitive, natural movement.

 The office stool Aeris Swopper enables active dynamic sitting.

With the Aeris Swopper, on the other hand, you have freedom of movement in all directions.

Vertical swing

By effectively moving up and down, called vertical swaying or "swooping," like walking or running, your spinal discs are nourished and relieved, keeping them fresh and elastic. This prevents and can relieve back pain. In addition, your blood circulation is stimulated and your circulation gets going.

Leaning forward

As soon as you lean forward towards your desk, the entire spring column of the ergonomic office stool moves with you and leans forward. This keeps your back straight and strengthens your back muscles. Another advantage is that the intervertebral discs are loaded over a wide area and not on one side, as is the case when sitting with a rounded back, for example.

Lateral flexibility

The lateral flexibility due to the joint close to the ground allows you a large range of motion (gripping space) and contributes decisively to the natural movement behavior and muscle activation.

Another plus point is the convex seat of the Aeris Swopper (wider in the middle and narrower towards the sides of the seat). It ensures that your thighs do not get pressure points and that the angle between thigh and lower leg is comfortable. It also gives your pelvis room to move. Chairs without a convex seat often create a seat depression, which then fixes the pelvis and significantly restricts mobility. This can lead to one-sided strain and damage to the spine when sitting for long periods of time.

Sitting upright on the Aeris Swopper allows your lungs to develop well, your breathing deepens, your body is supplied with more oxygen and this is good for your short and long term ability to concentrate. Overall, after a day on the ergonomic stool - Aeris Swopper you feel more alert and fit.

And since the constant muscle work on the Aeris Swopper also costs energy, you even burn extra calories on the side. Really practical.

Due to its design features, the Aeris Swopper provokes more than twice the usual movement possibilities. From a physiological and therefore preventive health point of view, the Aeris Swopper is clearly superior to a standard office chair."

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Schmidtbleicher

Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main prepared an expert opinion for the Aeris Swopper in 2003.

2. dynamic sitting due to the absence of a backrest
A large part of ergonomic office chairs on the market is equipped with a backrest. It is usually height adjustable, the angle can usually be adjusted as well, and there is also a lumbar support. This part of the backrest can be adjusted to the (S-shaped) curvature of your spine and supports it when sitting in the lower area (lordosis). At first glance, this sounds good and very comfortable.

But: Does it really need a backrest to enable healthy, ergonomic, dynamic sitting?

We say quite clearly: No! You don't need a backrest as an artificial support - quite the opposite. If anything, the backrest has a counterproductive effect on muscle activity, makes the back muscles slacken and hinders free, natural, intuitive movement.

Sitting on conventional office chairs with backrests is therefore pure habit. You don't need them. After all, you don't need a backrest when you walk.

 The office stool Aeris Swopper enables dynamic ergonomic sitting without backrest.

The Aeris Swopper therefore deliberately does without a backrest - for as many free movements as possible. The muscles are activated - especially the back and leg muscles. More movement stimulates the circulation, the brain is better supplied with blood and oxygen. This in turn has a positive effect on your ability to concentrate and your well-being.

Tip: You will probably feel the strain and stress on the muscles at the beginning, so something like a sore muscle. After a certain time, however, a training effect will set in. Therefore, it is best to start with 1-2 hours to get used to the Aeris Swopper. After 4 to 6 weeks your body should be used to the increased muscle activity and you can easily sit on the office stool all day without back pain or tension.

(For all those who cannot or do not want to do without a backrest, the ergonomic office stool is also available with a backrest. The Swopper with backrest in combination with the Low Spring complies with DIN EN 1335 for office work chairs (Swopper Work).

The office stool Aeris Swopper enables dynamic sitting in the office and home office.


3. dynamic sitting due to the absence of armrests
Traditional, ergonomic office chairs usually have armrests as well. However, the same applies here as with the backrest (see point 2.). The "restraining and supporting device armrests" considerably restricts your movement options when sitting and, if set incorrectly, ensure an unhealthy posture.

The armrests - which are actually well-intentioned and are supposed to serve for relaxation - are actually rather "health killers". They limit your flexibility - your reach is blocked. Because of the armrests, you often can't move directly to the desk, and to overcome the distance between the chair and the desk surface, you then have to really "slouch". Armrests also invite you to lean on them and sit "tilted" in the chair. And that again means: No more dynamic sitting.

Another problem with armrests is that you often can't adjust their height and width individually in the first place, or you use them incorrectly. If they are too high, the shoulders are pushed up toward the ears. If, on the other hand, they are set too low, the shoulders hang loosely down and the weight of the arms puts strain on the shoulder girdle. This leads to tension in the shoulder and neck area.

 The office stool Aeris Swopper enables ergonomic dynamic sitting in the office and home office.

That's why the Aeris Swopper does not need armrests at all and offers unrestricted freedom of movement in all directions. Spontaneous changes of position, such as sitting sideways on the office stool, are also possible in this way. You can also use the stool to individually adjust the distance between the seat and the table. Armrests as annoying spacers are a thing of the past.

This way you avoid typical bad postures like the "hunchback" and "sitting on the edge". And if you want to support yourself, simply place your forearms on the desk. The desk thus functions as an ideally adjusted armrest.

By the way: Armrests are also superfluous as a support when sitting down or standing up on the Aeris Swopper, as the suspension, i.e. the vertical oscillation, acts as an "automatic" cushioning or stand-up aid. You stand up with momentum and sit down again with the cushioning.

As with backrests, the main advantage of not using armrests is that you get to use your entire, complex musculature and (assuming you're healthy) you don't have to use armrests as "auxiliary crutches."

 The office stool Aeris Swopper comes without armrests.

4. dynamic sitting due to individual adjustability
However, all the above points (1-3) are of no use if an ergonomic office chair is not individually adapted to you. Because no two people are the same. We are all different in height, weight or mobility, one has a long upper body, the other has long legs. One likes to swing more than the other. "One size fits not one."

That's why the Aeris Swopper office chair has three individual adjustment options. This allows you to adapt it perfectly to your body and to your favorite sitting experience.

Thanks to the four different suspension leg variants, you can roughly adjust the chair to your height, body weight and table height:
Spring leg Standard (for body weights between 50 and 120 kg), Low (for tables lower than 65 cm), High (for body heights over 185 cm) and Light (for people weighing up to 50 kg and body heights up to 165 cm).

Furthermore, the spring tension, i.e. the vertical swinging up and down, can be individually adjusted to your body weight. And you can also adjust the lateral mobility of the work stool according to your personal preferences.

In addition, the individual seat height is then infinitely adjustable with a handle. So you have an optimal angle between lower and upper leg in no time.

 The office stool Aeris Swopper is individually adjustable and the ideal companion in the office and home office.

And here is an overview of the most important health benefits of dynamic, healthy sitting on the Aeris Swopper:

  • Increasing the ability to concentrate
  • Increase in general well-being, you feel fitter and more alert
  • Relief of the intervertebral discs as well as good supply of the intervertebral discs
  • Stretching tendons and ligaments
  • Better blood circulation and oxygen supply
  • Strengthening the Muskultur
  • Optimization of the posture, avoidance of the "round back
  • Stimulation of the metabolism
  • Increased calorie consumption

  • Now it's your turn: Keep moving and don't give back pain and fatigue a chance. Invest in yourself and your body - with the Aeris Swopper!
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