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Article Jan 22

These 9 must-haves you need in the home office

These 9 helpers will keep you fit, moving, in a good mood, healthy and productive in the home office.

To stay fit and productive in the home office, you need the right furniture and equipment. 9 tips for more movement, a better sense of well-being and a healthy back in the home office.

At the latest since the Corona crisis, many people can no longer imagine life without a home office. Since we all currently spend a lot of time in the home office, it is enormously important to set up one's workplace at home optimally. After all, 64 percent of all employees complain about health problems caused by working from home. In particular, back pain, muscle aches and headaches plague employees.

Set up home office - what do I need?

But what is the best equipment for a home office? Basic things such as a good laptop, a monitor, a fast internet connection, an ergonomic mouse and keyboard, a headset and possibly a mobile container should be provided by your employer anyway so that you can work efficiently at home.

Tip: How you can design your workplace ergonomically and what you need to do so, we explain here.

But what modern office furniture, equipment and "helpers" should your home office have to keep you fit, moving, in a good mood, healthy and productive? We've collected ideas to help you feel great in your home office. 9 must-haves for more movement, better well-being and a healthier back in the home office.

Woman with back pain on the couch in the home office.
Not like this! Especially in the home office, the right equipment is enormously important. Too little exercise and an unhealthy way of working - e.g. lounging on the couch instead of sitting at a desk - quickly lead to health problems.

Home office tip 1: Place plants

This tip sounds banal, but it is worth its weight in gold for the general well-being of your home office. Plants help to permanently improve the indoor climate at your home office. With a few plants in your office, there will never be "thick air" again. Another positive effect: plants have a calming effect. Especially when you have few opportunities to go outside, green houseplants create a pleasant splash of colour in the room and help to reduce stress.

Ideal houseplants for your home office

  • Succulents: very easy to care for, need little water
  • Lucky feather: needs little light. Very well suited for dark rooms
  • Elephant foot: suitable for very bright locations and direct sunlight
  • Green lily: very good for improving the indoor climate
  • Aloe Vera: needs a lot of light. Only needs watering every 3-4 weeks

Must haves for the home office: plants on the desk in the home office.
A colourful mix of different plants brings a "lively" splash of colour into your home office. The lucky feather (plant in the foreground) is also very easy to care for.

Tip: Take a daily walk through the park, or even better, through the forest. A study by the Central Institute for Mental Health in Mannheim (2019) has shown that trees and flowers have an enormously positive effect on mental well-being and help to reduce stress.

Home office tip 2: An office chair that promotes movement

This tip is from the "no brainer" category. When it comes to office furniture in the home office, an ergonomic office chair is of course the most important thing. Without a good, functional desk chair, even the best technical equipment is useless! Therefore, you should make sure that your home office is equipped with a chair that keeps you moving even when you are sitting. After all, a constant, light movement while sitting strengthens the back and promotes an upright sitting posture. In addition, you can breathe more deeply on a chair that allows your body to move freely. This increases the oxygen content in the blood, improves concentration and stimulates the circulation. Another advantage: active sitting is good for your intervertebral discs. They are always evenly loaded and thus remain healthy.

Tip: The legendary active office chair Aeris Swopper combines all the features you need to sit ergonomically and in motion.

Woman sitting in her home office on the active office chair Aeris Swopper, with a view of a lake.
The Aeris Swopper is the space-saving solution for your home office. The active office chair keeps you fit and moving at work.

For me, the Aeris Swopper is the home office discovery par excellence. I finally have no more back pain.

Margret Meincken

Freelance copywriter and satisfied Aeris client

Home office tip 3: Noise-cancelling headphones

In our digital world, we are constantly bombarded and distracted by thousands of impressions, bright colours and social media. But noise is also a huge problem for many people in the home office. Street noise, construction work in the house, the ringing of the parcel carrier or the neighbour's music: noise is an omnipresent and annoying companion in the home office.

Headphones with noise-cancelling function help you to block out these distractions and concentrate fully on your work. Especially when you want to focus on a project, noise-cancelling headphones are a great way to reduce the noise of the outside world. Best of all, less noise means less stress, less stress means better overall well-being, better overall well-being means better work-life balance...but we digress. Let's continue with Home Office Tip 4.

Tip: Noise-cancelling headphones are available for between 50 and 300 euros. It's best to get advice at a specialist shop and test different models on site.

Home office tip 4: A height-adjustable desk

Next to the office chair, a height-adjustable desk is - for example our Aeris Active Desk - the second piece of home office furniture that is essential for movement during working hours. Regularly alternating between sitting and standing keeps you fit, stimulates your circulation and improves your oxygen supply and thus your general well-being. In addition, standing up is good for your back and posture. That's why no modern home office should be without a sit-stand desk.

Ideally, the ratio between standing and sitting should be 40-60 and you should change every 30 minutes at the latest.

Tip: If you don't have a height-adjustable desk, you can quickly and easily convert your normal desk into a standing desk with a desk attachment. The tops are available for between 80 and 200 euros.

Must-haves for the home office: the height-adjustable desk Aeris Active Desk
A height-adjustable desk significantly improves your workspace in the home office. Alternating between standing and sitting stimulates the circulation and strengthens the back muscles.

Home office tip 5: A stress ball on the desk

People who write a lot on the keyboard often have painful and tense muscles in their hands. If you do not use an ergonomic mouse and keyboard, this pain is almost pre-programmed. After a short time, the tension can spread to the arms, shoulders and neck. A little helper that prevents these problems very well is a stress ball. Squeezing the stress ball has benefits for body and mind:

On the one hand, the muscles in the fingers and the ball of the hand as well as in the forearms are loosened and relaxed. On the other hand, squeezing the stress ball - as the name suggests - reduces stress. Especially when stressed and overworked, people tend to so-called "skip actions" to distract themselves for a moment. Squeezing and squeezing an anti-stress ball is ideal for relieving this tension. After a few minutes of stress relief with the squeeze ball, you can go back to your project with a fresh head. And your hands will thank you for it too.

Tip: Use the stress ball several times a day for a few minutes. Just 2-3 minutes in between is enough to train and relax the muscles in your hands.

Home Office Tip 6: A Balance Board

Must-haves for the home office: balance board. A woman exercises on the balance board at home.
Training on a balance board keeps you fit and helps to clear your head.

A balance board is the perfect home office training tool for in-between workouts. A balance board keeps the whole body moving and has several advantages. Besides improving your coordination, it trains your sense of balance and works numerous muscle groups. Training on a balance board strengthens the muscles in your feet, legs and torso and helps to combat aching legs. You also train the deep muscles in the back. This prevents posture problems and back pain. Another advantage is that the exercise gets your circulation going and increases the blood and oxygen supply from the brain to the tips of your toes. So after a few minutes, you can go back to work with a fresh head.

Admittedly, keeping your balance on a balance board is not easy, but practice makes perfect!

Tip: If you have never used a balance board before, try a beginner's model for balance exercises. It's best to get advice from a specialist shop. Just 5-10 minutes of daily training will noticeably improve your sense of balance after a few days.

Home Office Tip 7: A Desk Organiser

Tidiness is half the battle. All right, we don't want to overdo it, but a little order on the desk is of great importance for your general well-being. A structured way of working saves you a lot of stress and time. So that you no longer have to search for things on your desk, a desk organiser is an inexpensive must-have for your home office. This way you always keep an overview.

Tip: Use the last 5 minutes to tidy up your desk every evening. This way you can switch off your mind from your working day and create a structured environment for the start of the next day.

Home office tip 8: Aeris Muvmat standing mat

After tidying up your desk, this home office must-have provides plenty of exercise. Our Aeris Muvmat is the ideal addition to your standing desk. Standing on hard floors is hard work for your body and, in the long run, harmful for your intervertebral discs. The standing mat with 3D structure ensures that you are always slightly in motion when working at your standing desk. These micro-movements stimulate the foot reflex zones and thus improve the blood circulation in the legs. Through the constant adjustment of your posture, the intervertebral discs are also evenly loaded and thus ideally supplied with fluid.

Tip: A study has shown that the use of an anti-fatigue mat, such as the Aeris Muvmat, has been proven to improve short and long-term concentration. If you use a standing mat, you work ergonomically correct in the home office and can concentrate better on your projects.

Must-haves for the home office: Aeris Muvmat standing mat.
Standing on the Aeris Muvmat stimulates the foot reflex zones and thus relaxes the muscles in the legs.

Home Office Tip 9: A foot massage roller

The foot massage roller is for the feet what the stress ball is for the hands. This little helper should not be missing from any home office workplace. A foot massage in between stimulates the foot reflex zones. This stimulates the nerve pathways throughout the body and thus relaxes the muscles. Especially for people who like foot massages, a foot massage roller is an ideal helper for relaxation and stress relief.

Tip: You can get foot massage rollers for less than 20 euros. A use of 5-10 minutes is enough to relax and stimulate the muscles in the feet and legs.

5 more home office tips you should definitely consider

  • Ventilate regularly (shock ventilation)
  • Drink enough
  • Always observe breaks
  • Provide enough light
  • Keeping an eye on time management
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