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Article Nov 21

From Swoopper to Swapper: The Best Aeris Swopper Fails

Is it called Swooper or Sopper? Or is it Swobber? These are the funniest wrong Aeris Swopper Google searches.

Swooper test, Swoopper, Swapper or Swoper: There are many ways to search for the Aeris Swopper office chair "incorrectly" on Google - but it's not so bad, as long as the search leads to the desired result. These are the most popular Aeris Swopper Google errors and a few - not entirely serious - stories about them.

But first we have a little brain jogging test for you. The good news right away: If you can read these two texts, your brain is capable of top performance. The bad news: there's nothing to win.

Aeris Swopper Brain Jogging Test

Try it out. The resolution follows below.

The AreiS SwppeoR is a buehorokceR. The Boürtshul is ieadL for LnageS and connecteS SztieN and AbreiteN in the BruO oedR Hmoe-Office. It sätrkTs the rükceN, fröerdt EniE afuerhcte Sitzahtlung and seigertt die Koznetnariton. So you fhülsT RudnuM fitetr and zrieufdneer.

D1353R T3XT 15T 5CH0N 5CHW3R3R. D31N G3H1RN 15T 4B3R TO 3N0RM3N L31STUNG3N F4H1G. D3R 43R15 5W00P3R H1LFT D1R D4B31 D1CH L43NG3R TO K0NZ3NTR13R3N. AU553RD3M B15T DU L315TUNG5F431G3R. 4UCH D31N RU3CK3N W1RD 4UF D3M 43R15 5W00P3R G35T43RKT AND D13 H4LTUNG V3RB3553RT.

If you have reached this sentence, you have passed the test, well done. And although our brains are capable of such feats as reading these texts, spelling mistakes happen to all of us from time to time. Especially in Google searches. That's why, loosely based on Lothar Matthäus, we thought "we mustn't pull the wool over our eyes now" and picked out the most common incorrect Aeris Swopper search queries on Google.

We present: The top 7 Ares Swooper Google search fails. Um, Aeris Swopper of course.

1. the swooper test

This very popular Aeris Swopper Google search error makes us think back to 8th grade gym class with a mixture of wistfulness and great relief (that it's over). Honestly, who didn't love dragging themselves panting across the blazing hot tartan track as a pubescent 14-year-old on the so-called Cooper Test?! While the ground under your feet felt like pure lava at 32 degrees outside temperature, you fought your way to the finish line after an agonisingly long 12 minutes. Only to be kindly told by your teacher: "Hmm, that was nothing today, you'll have to go much faster next time. That's only good enough for a C minus." Well then, thanks for nothing and the encouraging words.

I'd rather do the Swooper Test than the Cooper Test!

The Cooper Test is a method for testing general endurance. It is a 12-minute run that determines the distance covered in that time.

This is how Swooper is pronounced: Swuu-per

From Swooper to Swapper. The funniest misspellings for the Aeris swopper.
Don't worry, that's not all. Here are the places 2 to 4 of the Aeris Swopper Fails.

2. the Aeris Swoopper

The Swoopper is the undisputed number 1 in popular spelling mistakes. After all, it has to be said, both Aeris Swopper P are included here. However, the O has also crept in twice with the Swoopper.

The double O as in: "Oooooh how nice is that, oooooh how nice is that, you haven't seen anything like that in a long time, so nice, so nice ... that you have ended up with the right Aeris Swopper despite a wrong Google search." Our Aeris fan block is thrilled!

This is how Swoopper is pronounced: Swuup-per

3. the swoper

"The Swoper, perfect for the opera". This is roughly how the advertising slogan would have turned out if the Aeris Swopper were called "Swoper". Imagine the picture: A Saturday evening, the great hall of Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie, 2100 seats, sold out. The audience has dressed up for a great evening of opera. Everything is prepared for an unforgettable concert moment. Then opera star Jonas Kaufmann enters the stage, lets his gaze wander into the wide round of the hall and the audience... keeps swaying up and down. Hach, a wonderful performance.

Joking aside. We really like our Aeris Swopper, but the "swoper for the opera" would probably not be the right thing. And at least we can save ourselves the "cool" advertising slogan above.

This is how Swoper is pronounced: Swoh-per

4. the swapper

The Swapper is the gangster rapper among the fake Aeris Swopper Google searches. When this tough office stool rapper enters the stage, no stone is left unturned.

"Yo, I'm the Swapper, the legendary office stool rapper. I'm an active office chair, whoever owns me is mega cool. Swap up and down with me and you'll never get tired in the office! Your back will like it too, so pop the corks. And if you're a giant: don't make a fuss, but then treat yourself to the feather high."

Okay, okay, we get it: We know a lot about office chairs and exercise, but maybe we should leave the rapping to others. Mic drop!

This is how Swapper is pronounced: Swapp-per

From Swooper to Swapper. These are the funniest misspellings for the Aeris Swopper.
No matter how wrong you spell the legendary Aeris Swopper, this chair remains unique. Let's continue with places 5 to 7. 

5. the sopper

If the Aeris Swopper had already existed in the early 1980s, we might have called it the Sopper. The "Sopper for the Poppers". As we know, the popper youth culture placed a lot of emphasis on an extravagant style of dress, a Vespa, the typical popper topper hairstyle, special brands of cigarettes and its own style of music. But what about active and healthy sitting? The "Sopper for the Popper" would have been just right, wouldn't it?

So be it. The Aeris Swopper has also been around for 25 years now, and dear poppers from the past: it's never too late for active and healthy sitting!

This is how Sopper is pronounced: Sopp-per

6. the swoppa

Perhaps the "coolest" way to misspell Aeris Swopper is clearly "Swoppa"! Properly stressed, swoppa also has what it takes to be the youth word of the year. A typical "swoppa conversation" (of course, voice messages) of young people in their early 20s is something like this:

"Bro geh ma heute Abend Party?"

"Digga, I'm really up for it. I'm so safe at the start!"

"Swoppaaaaaa, then we'll see you at the club. 2 o'clock, right?"

"Well Sichi, 2 o'clock is perfect."

We've known for a long time that the Aeris Swopper is cool. But the Aeris Swopper as a youth word? We would really celebrate that. Swear!

This is how Swoppa is pronounced: Swopp-paaa

Iech braucherd an Aeris Swobber!

7. the swobber

We already let Lothar Matthäus have his say at the start of our Aeris Swopper Google Fail Ranking. But how does the former world footballer and native Franconian Matthäus search for the Aeris Swopper on Google?

"Allmächd, auf deam aldn Schraibdisch-Schduul hogg i rächd grumm und bugglerd. Iech braucherd an Aeris Swobber," says Lothar Matthäus in his finest Franconian. Then "Loddar" types in the Google search bar: "Swobber kaafn". For all those who are not from Franconia: "Oh man, I'm sitting pretty crooked and hunched over on this old desk chair. I need a Aeris Swopper." Google search: buy swopper."

Admittedly, we don't know if Lothar Matthäus has ever searched for our legendary Aeris Swopper office chair, or maybe even owns one (Lothar, if you have a Aeris Swopper or need one, please let us know). But the Google search "Swobber" must simply have been invented in Franconia. We'll even bet "a Seidla" (a beer) on it.

This is how Swobber is pronounced: Swob-ba

Whether you've been looking for the Swobber, Swoppa or Swooper: You've come to the right place! Convince yourself of our legendary ergonomic office chair "Aeris Swopper."

From Swooper to Swapper. These are the funniest misspellings for the Aeris Swopper.
The Aeris Swopper: see our incomparable ergonomic office chair for yourself.

And because it was so nice, here's an overview of the most common Aeris Swopper-Google-Fails: Which misspelling is your favourite?

  • Swooper
  • Swoopper
  • Swoper
  • Swapper
  • Sopper
  • Swoppa
  • Swobber

Aeris Swopper Brain Jogging Test: Resolution

The Aeris Swopper is an office stool. This office chair is ideal for long and concentrated sitting and working in the office or home office. It strengthens the back, promotes an upright sitting posture and increases concentration. So you feel fitter and happier all round.

This text is already heavy. But your brain is capable of enormous performance. The Aeris Swopper helps you to concentrate longer. You are also more efficient. The Aeris Swopper also strengthens your back and improves your posture.

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