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Article Mar 21

Cause of widespread back pain: Too little movement at the workplace

More than 18 million workers in Germany suffer from back pain due to their job. Too little movement in the office is often the cause. 

The subject of back pain - a perennial problem. This is shown by the representative survey conducted by Aeris GmbH in cooperation with the YouGov Institute: 41 percent of the employed in Germany suffer from back pain at work. With currently around 44.85 million employees in Germany, this means that around 18.4 million people are affected.

The effects of back pain on personal health and professional performance were also investigated by Aeris . Of the approximately 18.4 million workers who experience back pain

  • 71 per cent that overall their health and well-being are affected by the condition (approx. 13.1 million)
  • 75 per cent that they are limited in their performance as a result (approx. 13.8 million)

Movement at the workplace - an economic factor

The results of the study suggest that most workplaces in Germany are equipped in a way that is unfriendly to the back and not in a way that corresponds to people's natural need to move. As a result, workers spend most of their entire day sitting - often up to nine hours. Yet continuous movement is enormously important for a healthy back and can both help with acute pain and prevent back problems in the long term.

The consequences of an immobile sitting routine are not only serious for the employee, who pays with his or her health. The increased absenteeism and reduced performance caused by sitting too rigidly for too long also costs employers billions. The figures speak for themselves: more than 60 million days of absence in Germany are due to problems of the musculoskeletal system and back problems. That is 8.3 percent of total absenteeism*. The topics of exercise and back health should therefore be high on the agenda of German companies.

The Aeris idea: bringing natural movement into sitting

Active office chair Aeris Swopper. The office chair for more movement when sitting.
The ergonomic office chair Aeris Swopper activates the muscles and helps you move more while sitting.

Companies are therefore well advised to invest in office furniture that ensures continuous movement while working. The company Aeris has developed special movement concepts and active chairs that allow a lot of movement during the unavoidable sitting or standing at the workplace. This integrates more movement into everyday life quite incidentally. For example, the active seat Aeris Swopper enables a lot of movement in all directions due to its 3D technology. Sitting dynamically on the Aeris Swopper is akin to light walking and thus the most natural movement of all for humans.

The Aeris Swopper activates the muscles and supports frequent and supports frequent changes of position. You move more than twice as much on it as on conventional office chairs - and that's great for your back. And with more movement, more energy flows - in the body and in the head. This means fewer days lost and higher productivity. Addressing this issue is worthwhile. Humanly and economically. Not only on Back Health Day.

Article Jun 21

3 simple tips on how to find the perfect office chair quickly

If you follow these three simple tips, you will quickly find the right office chair for you.

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Article Oct 20

Home office as a cause of headaches and back pain

DACH study shows: Home office causes health problems such as back pain or headaches for two out of three employees.

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Article May 21

Aeris Muvmat increases performance

Study confirms: Working while standing on the Aeris Muvmat promotes mental and physical performance.

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