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Shipping and handling

Shipping within Germany:

All of our products are delivered free of charge within Germany.

Shipping abroad:

We deliver our products within mainland Europe to the following countries at the listed shipping costs. European overseas territories are not supplied.

- Free of shipping costs: France, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic

- 6,00 EUR: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary

- 12,00 EUR: Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Spain

Please note that delivery of our Active Office products can only be made to Germany and we therefore do not offer international shipping on the following products:
Aeris Active Office Desk, Aeris Single Desk, Aeris Focus Light Desk, Aeris Active Office Cable Management, Aeris Active Office Desk Panels, Aeris Active Office Height Adapter, Aeris Active Office Magnetic Bar, Aeris Active Office PC Box, Aeris Focus Light Wall for Windows, Aeris Focus Light Wall for Mac OS X, Active Office Book.

Carrier company

Shipping via DPD:
We ship all of our products using DPD (excluding the Aeris Active Office Desk):

Shipping via freight forwarder (Aeris Active Office Desk):
The Aeris Active Office Desk can only be shipped within Germany.

The Aeris Active Office Desk is delivered via lorry “to the kerbside”, i.e. to the nearest available kerb next to the delivery address.
Please note that “kerbside delivery” of goods cannot take place in the following instances due to lack of lorry access:

- The delivery address is on a road, or can only be accessed via a road, that is a traffic-calmed sector/”play street”, and/or

- The delivery address is on a road, or can only be accessed via a road, that is not accessible for vehicles with a permitted maximum weight of 40 tonnes, and/or

- The delivery address is on a road, or can only be accessed via a road, that is narrower than 3.25 metres or on which deliveries are restricted due to obstacles such as parked cars or a building site with less than 3.25 metres access width at the time of delivery, and/or

- The delivery address is situated in a cul-de-sac.

If any of the above applies for your delivery address or if you are unsure whether the address is suitable, please contact us via phone or email before placing your order to find out if delivery can be made to your desired location.

Please also note that you must be present in person to accept the delivery at the delivery address.

This is to sign for the delivery of the goods on the one hand. You will also need to be able to help the delivery driver unload the goods from the lorry to the kerbside. You must therefore be in a physical condition to lift a weight of up to 30 kilograms.

The delivery company will arrange delivery on a date that suits you from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) during a time window of between 8 am and 1 pm or 1 pm to 6 pm. You must be present at the delivery address during this time frame.