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Aeris Active Office

When the height-adjustable desk becomes a personal trainer


The electrically height-adjustable Aeris Active Desk has a slim design and is the elegant and space-saving sit-stand solution for a contemporary equipped home office or office. The special feature: It has a memory and reminder function. Accordingly, both the preferred sitting height and the standing height can be saved once and recalled again and again simply by "pressing a button". The reminder function reminds you to change position regularly with a discreet flashing and optional vibration. This ensures more movement and thus more well-being during work. The Aeris Active Desk is available in three different sizes and various colour combinations. 

The Aeris Active Desk is convincing:

      • Available in three sizes: 1. (W) 120 cm x (D) 80 cm, 2. (W) 140 cm x (D) 80 cm, 3. (W) 160 cm x (D) 80 cm
      • Table top made of robust, melamine-coated chipboard
      • Steel table frame
      • Electric height adjustment range: approx. 64 - 120 cm
      • The integrated, quiet motor enables quick and easy height adjustment so that you can switch between sitting and standing at any time.
      • The height-adjustable desk has a memory and reminder function.
      • Additionally available: The cable management discreetly guides cables along the table leg to the units.
      • With the optionally available cable tray, the cables from the screen and laptop disappear almost invisibly and are still easy to reach.
      • The Aeris Active Desk is ideal for use with other Aeris products.


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          1. active desk

          The Aeris Active Desk is the
          classic height-adjustable desk from Aeris. It is available in different colour combinations. Choose from three sizes and find the right desk for your workspace.

          2. active office desk

          With its unique organic shape, the Active Office Desk is an eye-catcher at any workplace. The standing and sitting desk tempt you to spontaneous and
          intuitive changes of position. And the best thing about it: you are constantly on the move without having to operate the electric height adjustment. 

          Office furniture that moves you. Literally.

          The Aeris Active Desk and the Aeris Active Office Desk - these are two height-adjustable desks of a special kind. Their slim and elegant design fits perfectly into any home office or office. In addition to the intelligent reminder function of the Active Desk, the double desk Active Office Desk with its divided sitting and standing table ensures regular movement without you having to motivate yourself extra! The result is a completely new attitude to life, you feel less tired and have more energy. This is how ideas get moving!

          Aeris Active Desk: The desk that reminds you of what's most important: your health.

          The Aeris Active Desk immerses you in an intuitive workflow. Work and movement merge together. How does it work? With the help of the memory and reminder function! Thanks to this technology, the height-adjustable desk automatically adapts to your personal sitting and standing preferences and reminds you to switch between standing and sitting even more regularly. In case you forget what really moves you.

          Aeris Active Office Desk: Sitting or standing - the first two steps on the career ladder.

          Strong: The Active Office Desk consists of a split standing and sitting work surface. Even stronger: This allows you to intuitively switch between standing and sitting without having to interrupt your work. Most empowering: Studies prove the positive effects of this work in motion. Less back pain and muscle tension, strengthening of the cardiovascular system, higher calorie consumption, better concentration, increased productivity, more creativity. From now on it's "Wow, you're fit. Are you going to the gym?" - "Nah, to the office."

          Active Desk vs. Active Office Desk

          Aeris Active Desk

          Aeris Active Desk 1.1 2.1 3

          Aeris Active Office Desk

          Aeris Active Office Desk 1.2 2.2 3
          • 1.1. table top:

            The Aeris Active Desk has an angular table shape and is also available in three different sizes.

          • 1.2. table top:

            The Aeris Active Office Desk has organically shaped sitting and standing desk surfaces with rounded corners. The seating surface is slightly larger than the standing surface.

          • 2.1 Push button/controller:

            One touch of a button and everything is done: with the Active Desk, simply save your preferred sitting and standing height and let the system regularly remind you to get up.

          • 2.2 Push button/controller:

            With the help of the button, you can adjust the height of the desk steplessly. To ensure the optimum distance, both table surfaces (sitting and standing table) are raised or lowered together. This is stress-free for you and saves a lot of time.

          • 3. cable tray

            The cable tray of the Active Desk is optionally available. The Active Office Desk comes with two cable trays (at the sitting and standing desk). They help you organise and hide cables. This makes 'cable clutter' a foreign word for you.

          Modern design that keeps you fit and healthy

          Intelligent technology meets ergonomics

          The right settings, individually adapted to you, are the be-all and end-all for ergonomic work. Thanks to the intelligent memory function of the Aeris Active Desk, you can quickly and easily recall your two exact positions (sitting and standing position). Ergonomic work has never been so easy!

          Think big - even in the smallest home office

          No space in your home office? No problem! With the space-saving Aeris Active Desk in 120 x 80 cm, you can create your ideal home office even in the smallest room. Its slender shape makes it look elegant and simple. A perfect complement: the Aeris Swopper. Our legendary office stool completes the space-saving look. The best thing is: when not in use, you can simply hide the office stool under your desk.

          With this table you stand well. And sit down again

          We can't say it often enough: only if you work in motion will you stay fit and efficient in the long run and prevent back pain and tension. That's why the Aeris Active Office Desk encourages you to switch regularly between sitting and standing. In this way, you perform task-related posture changes and combine your work with as much movement as possible. This stimulates the metabolism, improves breathing and increases the oxygen saturation of the blood.

          Because New Work does not work on old furniture

          The reminder function helps you to work agilely at the Aeris Active Desk. It reminds you to switch to the standing position regularly. How exactly? By a discreet flashing of the button. Optionally, you can also set a vibration. So you're guaranteed never to forget to change your posture again. And you know: working in motion makes you fitter.

          Organically stylish

          The natural, organic shape with rounded corners makes the double desk a real "eye-catcher" in any ambience. The Aeris Active Office Desk combines the features of a modern piece of design furniture with the greatest possible functionality. The sitting desk is slightly larger than the standing desk. Both surfaces offer you sufficient storage space for all work utensils.

          Ideal helpers for your workplace

          With the Aeris Swopper and the Aeris Muvmat you can bring even more movement to your workplace. While the office stool promotes dynamic sitting and strengthens the back, the anti-fatigue mat helps you to work standing up for longer. Your feet and joints are relieved.


          The Aeris Active Office Desk in particular is ideal for use in open spaces or co-working spaces.

          Especially in a classic office environment, it is important to set up a workplace that promotes movement.

          In the home office, design plays a major role in addition to function. After all, the desk should also match the furnishings.

          Kevin Bernknopf, Sales Manager
          "It used to be that you had 0% battery after sitting for 8 hours. By getting up, sitting down and moving around, you just notice that you have more energy."
          Viktori Klauser, salesjob personnel consultancy
          "The mid-afternoon slump no longer exists."
          Prof. Dr. Susanne Tittlbach, Chair of Sports Science, Social and Health Sciences of Sport, University of Bayreuth
          "The Active Office workstations give students just the dose of exercise they need in their everyday university life."
          Detlef Detjen, Managing Director AGR Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) e. V.
          "Some days I change places 250 times."