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Article Aug 21

5 signs that your office chair wants to kill you

Your office chair has a backrest? Then you should get out as quickly as possible! A backrest does more harm than good.

Sign number 1: Your office chair has a backrest

Your office chair has a backrest? Then you should get out as quickly as possible! Contrary to the widespread opinion that a backrest relieves the back, it does more harm than good. Because if your back no longer has to support itself, the muscles in your back atrophy. Pain in the spine and muscles is pre-programmed due to the weakened back. In the worst case, they will accompany you forever.

Sign number 2: The seat is rigid

Everyone knows it: you sit down for a moment and think "Ah, nice". But what happens during the hours you sit? If you don't move at all for hours on the rigid seat, this sends a signal to your brain: "Stop thinking, nothing more is happening here today!". If you stay in one position for a long time, you tempt your brain to switch off. And with that, the ability to concentrate suffers and in old age even the whole brain, keyword dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Sign number 3: You need to adjust to your office chair

Yes, of course, you can drive your office chair up and down. But beyond that? Very few office chairs allow you to adjust them to your weight or your individual movements. Conversely, this means that you have to adjust to your office chair - and you can only lose. 

Sign number 4: There are armrests

You've always wanted to know what it feels like to be locked in? Then get an office chair with armrests. Joking aside: the armrests prevent you from adopting alternative positions when sitting on the office chair. In addition, armrests serve as unwanted spacers to the desk, which in turn encourages bad posture. And, just like the backrest, the armrest takes holding work away from the body and thus permanently weakens it.

Sign number 5: You have to sit to work

It's a vicious circle! You have to sit down to work. And once you sit, you sit for hours because you have to work. So it has snapped shut, the unavoidable sitting trap. It is usually difficult to escape and in many professions impossible, you have to sit. And that means that sitting for long periods makes you tired and listless in the long run. And even worse: studies show that sitting for at least six hours a day can shorten your life by up to 20 percent! 

So it's time to look for a new office chair. To find the right office chair, pay attention to this,

  • that the office chair does not restrict your freedom of movement
  • that the office chair follows you and not vice versa
  • that the office chair has no backrests (backrest, armrests) if possible
  • that the office chair becomes a supporting actor and not the main annoyance.

Ergonomic office chair without backrest Aeris Swopper.
The Aeris Swopper is the perfect example that a good office chair does not need a backrest. On the contrary: without backrest and armrests, you always sit ergonomically correct.

Article Jun 21

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Article Nov 20

Aeris Swopper gets a facelift

The classic among the active office chairs is launched on the market with a new design and colours.

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