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Aeris Muvman Industry

The work chair where productivity begins when prolonged standing ends.


The Muvman Industry is ideal for work activities that are mainly carried out while standing. The work chair brings the greatest possible ergonomics to the workplace and is specially designed for use in production, assembly and laboratory sites.

The standing chair makes it possible to work alternately sitting and standing, relieves the strain on the legs and ensures an upright and forward-leaning working posture that is back friendly – and all this without "hunching".

- robust material
- resistant to most chemicals and disinfecting agents   

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Aeris Muvman Industry: robust and comfortable at the same time.

The Aeris Muvman Industry is a work chair that combines ergonomics with a large movement space. Therefore, it is perfect for most production sites. The adaptable seat made of integral foam with Flexzone Technology avoids pressure points and ensures good blood circulation all the way to the tips of your toes. The base of the Muvman Industry is equipped with anti-slip glides that protect the floor and always give the user a secure hold while working in motion.

Everybody's welcome

The Muvman Industry is infinitely height-adjustable: Individual and continuous adjustment for every body size and desk height, for sitting and for standing. With its light weight and integrated handle, it can also easily be moved from A to B.


The industrial chair brings the highest level of ergonomics to the production workplace and additionally takes a load off your feet The multidimensional movement joint in the base of the Muvman Industry lets you reach far in all directions – an essential feature when working in production, assembly or in the workshop. The robust materials of the industrial chair (integral foam seat, aluminum base and seat support) are easy to clean, safe and fulfil the highest industrial standards. 


Thanks to its forward-slanting column and adaptable front seat edge, the Muvman Industry relieves the back and feet while working in the lab. The excellent and certified cleanability make the work chair the optimal product for use in laboratories. The integral foam seat is compact and resistant to most chemicals and disinfecting agents.

ESD Workstation

With its conductive comfort foam, conductive coated aluminium parts, volume-conductive glides and cross-component discharge, the Muvman Industry ESD prevents electrostatic charging at electronic workstations. This makes it the ideal industrial chair for ESD workplaces. (Electrical resistance = 106 Ω).


Its ergonomic and health benefits make the Aeris Muvman Industry the production aid of choice for equipping workplaces in cleanrooms. And of course, this work chair is also electrostatically dissipative and complies with the EN 61340-5-1 standard.


The Muvman Industry is also suitable as a workshop chair and promotes ergonomically healthy sitting and standing. Due to its light weight, the chair can be used flexibly in the workshop – especially where a lot of work is done while standing. The workshop chair is comfortable, robust and easy to clean. 

Keeping your posture – With every height

The Muvman Industry is suitable for any body size and workstation height, for sitting and standing. The industrial chair is available in two versions (Standard and High) which are both adjustable in height. We recommend the High version from a height of 185cm. The Muvman Industry is a real all-rounder for every situation.

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Dietlind Walger-Hutter, Product Development Aeris gmbh
"Our development ambition of the Muvman Industry: hitting the mark in terms of design, function and quality."