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Our motion technologies

Aeris is driven to develop products and concepts that keep our bodies moving throughout the day.

Sounds like a workout or another strenuous training method?

Not at all! In fact, the opposite is true. Your body naturally makes all the movements ´- no special motivation needed. All of this happens on its own. There’s no need to keep a treadmill under your desk or have a mini coach shouting in your ear. You can just get on with your work as usual.

What we mean by real 3D technology.

For us, 3D has nothing to do with cinema screens, glasses and popcorn. We're talking about movement in all three dimensions: back and forth, left and right and - unique to Aeris - the movement into the third dimension, namely up and down. This is particularly important because it deepens breathing, stimulates the metabolism, builds muscles and keeps the intervertebral discs healthy.

In short: Aeris 3D technology has a similar effect on our body as a relaxed walk. The muscles are trained constantly without any extra effort This contributes to an overall better life quality with more energy and less fatigue.


Up and down

Not only do internal organs vibrate in a natural rhythm, the intervertebral discs are also kept fit by being loaded and unloaded. Their metabolism works like that of a sponge: when the pressure is relieved, the nutrient fluid surrounding them is sucked in, and when pressure is applied, it is released again. Since the loading and unloading points change constantly during movement, the intervertebral discs are better supplied when there is a lot of movement than when there is little. This prevents and can alleviate back pain.

For example, when you breathe in and out, your kidney moves up to 10cm. This movement is essential to ensure good functioning. When you sit still, your body doesn’t permit the kidney to move as required. The kidney therefore doesn’t perform adequately, which naturally has repercussions for your entire body.


Left and right

This motion enables the body to move from the hip. It enables you to reach far while the back always stays straight. Even if you steal a biscuit from your colleague.

"We owe our undisputed leading position in the active chair sector to this 3D technology developed by Aeris 25 years ago for the Aeris Swopper. Practically everybody can benefit from its positive effects."


Back and forth

Due to the forward inclination of the pelvis, the back remains straight. This enables deep breathing and keeps blood circulation going. The secret is that the joint in our technologies is always located close to the floor, which enables the entire upper body to lean naturally towards the work surface.

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