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Aeris Numo Task

An office chair - as flexible as you are.


The design office chair Aeris Numo Task combines healthy sitting, innovative technology and sophisticated design. The patented Self Adjusting Motion Element (SAM) and kinematics developed especially for the Aeris Numo Task provide a unique sitting experience. Together, the two technologies enable easy movements backwards, forwards and sideways - and the All while sitting. The Aeris Numo Task is available in a variety of beautiful colors. The back cushion provides extra comfort. The ergonomic desk chair fits perfectly into any office or home office.

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Step 1: Choose a seat cover colour More info
Recycled polyester (Cura, Gabriel)
  • light grey melange
  • yellow mottled
  • black
  • petrol blue melange
  • light purple mottled
  • grey melange
  • beige mottled
  • fern green mottled
  • pale green mottled
  • pigeon blue melange
  • orange-red melange
  • dark grey melange
  • dark purple mottled
  • yellow-orange mottled
  • blue melange
  • red melange
  • green melange
  • brown mottled
Step 1: Choose a seat cover colour
Recycled polyester (Cura, Gabriel) ×
Step 2: Choose a back cushion

Step 2: Choose a back cushion
Step 3: Choose a frame colour
Step 3: Choose a frame colour
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  • Seat cover colour
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  • Back cushion
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  • Frame colour
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Your summary
Recycled polyester (Cura, Gabriel)
Sitting comfortably within your four walls and doing something good for your back and the environment at the same time? Is that possible? Sure! The upholstery fabric of the Aeris Numo Task consists mainly of recycled post-consumer polyester (i.e. recycled PET bottles, among other things). This makes the design office chair sustainable, robust and easy to clean at the same time. In addition, the mottled look gives your home and your workplace a homely and modern touch.
Why Select
Capture is a lightly felted and multi-coloured wool fabric combining softness, stretch and strenght. It fuses light and dark colours to a refined melange pattern in subtle nuances, which add richness and depth to the design.
aeris numo task design

Aeris Numo Task - Super smooth on cloud 7.

Thanks to its innovative technology, the Aeris Numo Task gives you the feeling of sitting on cloud nine. The ergonomic seat shell and the padded seat cushion support an upright and healthy sitting posture. The patented kinematics technology underneath the seat shell ensures a wide range of movement forwards and backwards. Simply flexible and smooth at work what move.
aeris numo task at

Finally, a desk chair with the right attitude. Namely yours.

The patented Self Adjusting Motion Element (SAM) in the base of the Design Office Chair gives every user the same comfortable deflection to all sides - regardless of weight*. And because it's so well adjusted to you, we think: The Aeris Numo Task and you - It's a match.
aeris numo task rottoene_small.jpg?v=1668775628

A green office chair in many bright colours.

Old becomes new and looks good at the same time: The upholstery fabric of Aeris Numo Task consists of 98% so-called post-consumer polyester, for example old plastic bottles and fishing nets. To prevent even more plastic from entering circulation, we have completely eliminated plastic from the packaging of the Aeris Numo Task . And by the way: our Numo Task chairs are "Made in Germany" and are assembled in our production facility near Augsburg. Of course with materials from a short supply chain.

* Optimized for a body weight of 45-120 kg.

Aeris Numo Task: One chair, many advantages

Upright sitting posture, all by itself

The patented Aeris kinematics underneath the seat shell follow your movements back and forth. This provides optimum support for an upright posture when sitting. The tilt of the backrest can be reduced using the locking function. For the greatest possible movement, we recommend the unlocked setting.
aeris active desk and

The perfect companion, also for your desk

The Aeris Numo Task is the perfect complement for the height-adjustable desk Aeris Active Desk . With their elegant and sleek designs, both products make an unbeatable team for any home office.
aeris numo task column

A comfortable seating feeling

The flexible zone in the front edge of the design office chair adapts to your sitting position and prevents an uncomfortable feeling of pressure and blood congestion in the thighs.
aeris numo task with

One roll for all floors

The universal castors of the Aeris Numo Task are suitable for soft (e.g. carpet) as well as hard floors (e.g. parquet). In addition, the castors are self-braking. This prevents uncontrolled rolling away when sitting down. When seated, this braking effect is cancelled out by the load and you can simply roll from A to B.
sitting upright on the

Healthy sitting

The innovative technology and ergonomic shape of the design office chair support optimal posture and encourage slight movements when sitting. This strengthens the muscles and stimulates the circulation.
aeris numo task backrest

For every body size: stepless

Of course, the height of Aeris Numo Task is continuously adjustable via a lever underneath the seat. Thus, the office chair can be perfectly and individually adjusted to your body size and matching the table height.
aeris numo task with

For extra comfort

The optionally retrofittable and easy-to-fit back cushion provides support and even more comfort without restricting movement. The integrated lumbar support supports and relieves the lumbar region and prevents incorrect posture.
aeris numo task active

Aeris Numo Task and Aeris Active Office Desk : It's the combo that makes the difference

The design office chair and our height-adjustable double desk Aeris Active Office Desk form the perfect symbiosis.

Discover now


aeris numo task home

Home Office: With its slim and space-saving design, the Aeris Numo Task fits seamlessly into any home office - be it in the bedroom, kitchen or study.

aeris numo task bueroumgebung_small.jpg?v=1663317862

Office: The Numo Task is a flexible all-rounder and therefore the perfect upgrade for the office. Individually and infinitely height-adjustable, it offers the ideal seat for everyone.

aeris numo task living_small.jpg?v=1646306836

Living: The Aeris Numo Task is not only made for work. With its elegant and modern design, the designer office chair is also perfect in the kitchen at the dining table.

Kay-Uwe Alexander
"I have problems with my intervertebral discs. But even after a long time I can still sit comfortably on the desk chair - simply SUPER!"
Michael Fiedler
"The Numo Task supports the back when sitting and you have a good sitting feeling. I can sit comfortably on the design office chair for a long time."
Dr Christoph W.
"On the Numo Task , I always adopt an ergonomic sitting posture. My back problems have not reappeared so far. Thumbs up!"

Aeris Numo Task

Why the designer office chair is a must-have for your workplace

01 The Aeris Numo Task combines ergonomics with design

The Aeris Numo Task combines design with ergonomics. It is perfectly tailored to your needs and offers health benefits when sitting. The shell of the designer office chair with a suggested armrest and the upholstered seat are ergonomically shaped to support an upright and healthy sitting posture. In addition, the seat shell can be rotated 360 degrees, which gives you a perfect all-round view while sitting. The backrest of the ergonomic desk chair is equipped with slits that ensure good air circulation. If you choose Aeris Numo Task with a back cushion, it can be quickly and easily attached to the slots.

02 The design office chair brings movement into your life

The design office chair enables a constant slight movement while sitting. Without consciously noticing it, you easily change your sitting position and activate or relax individual muscle groups. In addition, the kinematics ensure that the seat shell follows your forward and backward movements. This keeps your back straight in the forward-leaning position or allows you to relax briefly by leaning against it. The unique seating feel of the Aeris Numo Task makes sitting at a desk for long periods of time much more pleasant. A long working day goes by in a flash.

03 The desk chair fits perfectly in the office and home office

The Aeris Numo Task is flexible in use - whether at the desk in the office or as a home office chair. Even at the dining table in the kitchen or in the living room, the modern office chair fits in seamlessly thanks to its elegant and sleek design. Equipped with universal casters, the Aeris Numo Task can be easily rolled from A to B. The seat height of the modern office chair is infinitely adjustable and can thus be individually adapted to your body size and your workplace.

04 The Numo Task is sustainable and recyclable

With Cura, we have chosen an upholstery fabric made mainly from recycled post-consumer polyester. This polyester yarn is made from plastic waste, including old bottles and fishing nets fished from the sea. In addition, the ergonomic desk chair can be disassembled back into its individual parts and fed into the recycling process. All components of the Aeris Numo Task come from Europe. This enables us to keep delivery distances as short as possible. Of course, for the sake of the environment, we do not use any plastic packaging. The Aeris Numo Task is delivered to your home exclusively packaged in cardboard.

The Aeris Numo Task offers movement, active and dynamic sitting, comfort, sustainability, functionality and design - Now it's your turn! Configure now your design office chair for healthy and moving sitting and discover the limitless possibilities of the new Aeris Numo Task !


Andreas Ostwald


When we started the evolution of the Numo series two years ago, our challenge was to achieve an unprecedented seating experience. By merging the patented Aeris kinematics with the new SAM element, we have created Aeris Numo Task a chair that makes you smile when you sit down.

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