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Our approach to more sustainability

When we say that we want to enable our customers to live happier and healthier lives, this includes the place where we live: Our planet.

01. “Handmade in Germany” durability

We are firmly opposed to fast-furniture and a throwaway consumer society. All of our products are handmade in Germany to ensure that our products last. The high quality and long service life of our products can be confirmed by our customers who have sat and worked on our Aeris Swoppers for over 20 years. In the case that something doesn’t function as intended, we’re also more than happy to repair our products and replace individual parts.

02. “120 %” climate-neutral Aeris power

When we equipped all of our production facilities with solar cells at the turn of the millennium, lots of people called us crazy. Today, we produce solar energy not just for to ourselves, but also for other households. We have also started to convert our vehicle fleet to electric vehicles.

Josef Glöckl (CEO & Founder of Aeris) "Aeris is a family enterprise and we feel connected with each of our customers. We adhere to our concept of "Made in Germany" and are pleased to have been granted many patents for our own developments. We develop the technology and all the components for our products ourselves. This does not exactly maximise the company's material profits - but it does maximise the satisfaction and health of our products' owners. And that is what we strive for."

03. Recyclable materials

We almost exclusively use completely recyclable materials which have been awarded with ecological and health safety certificates. We scrutinise our logistics and challenge waist generating processes such as packaging or shipping to ensure that we recycle as much as possible. . In the name of our environment and planet.

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