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Article Oct 23

Aeris Active Office: How to get into your full power by moving more in the office

Working in Aeris Active Office makes you healthier, more efficient and more satisfied

What is the Aeris Active Office?

Today, the average person in Germany only walks about 700 meters a day. This is an alarming figure that particularly affects the more than 20 million people who work in offices in this country.

Lack of physical activity is one of the biggest health threats to populations in Western countries. Researchers at the University of Queensland, for example, found that one hour of inactivity shortens life by 22 minutes. In addition, people who sit for an average of 8-10 hours a day can die up to five years earlier from the consequences of the disease of civilization "sitting".

Office environments in particular are allowing the lack of movement to become more and more widespread. The working world is constantly changing, but the workplace itself has hardly changed in the last 30-40 years: a desk with a supposedly ergonomic office chair dominates.

Height-adjustable desks are slowly finding their way into everyday office life - but are hardly ever used for a dynamic standing-sitting change. Yet people need movement with many posture changes to stay healthy.

The Aeris Active Office is the world's first workplace concept that focuses on people's natural movement needs and contributes to a moving and therefore more human-friendly workplace. Rigid and standardized" becomes "moving and people-friendly.

The concept combines findings from osteopathy, physiology and psychology. Scientific studies prove the positive effects of the Active Office. The Aeris Active Office envisages a consistent redesign of conventional office spaces - with office furniture and modules that meet people's natural movement needs and give them the chance to act according to their nature. The office is virtually transformed into a space for movement.

height adjustable desk Aeris Active office Desk  with ergonomic office chair Aeris Swopper The Aeris Active Office Desk provides regular movement with its divided sitting and standing table

The central element is the electrically height-adjustable double desk Aeris Active Office Desk. It consists of two interconnected and electrically height-adjustable work surfaces that allow spontaneous and intuitive changes between standing and sitting workstations.

No space in your home office? No problem either! Alternatively, you can also work on the move in the smallest space with the space-saving desk Aeris Active Desk .

A reminder function at the desk helps employees to switch regularly between standing and sitting workstations. After all, staying healthy in the long term depends on the sum of movements throughout the day.

With the memory function, you can save your two exact positions (sitting and standing position) and recall them quickly and easily.

In addition, Active Office offers a wide range of accessories - from privacy screens and innovative cable management to ergonomic office chairs such as the Aeris Swopper, Aeris 3Dee or Aeris Numo Task as well as an ergonomic anti-fatigue mat for standing workstations - the Aeris Muvmat.

The topographical 3D structure in the standing mat activates the foot reflex zones, relaxes the muscles and keeps the body moving: like a walk on forest soil. The result: comfortable, joint-friendly standing without "thick" legs.

Why should I work in a Aeris Active Office?

After just a short time, you will notice how the consistently movement-oriented workplace benefits your body and your well-being, and how complaints such as back problems, fatigue and lack of concentration decrease. What's more, the longer you work in the Active Office, the fitter, healthier and more motivated you will feel.

The advantages of Aeris Active Office at a glance:

  • Aeris Active Office actively and sustainably counteracts civilization and chronic diseases such as back pain, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular weakness.
  • Aeris Active Office stimulates the circulation, metabolism and microcirculation and ensures a good supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body.
  • Aeris Active Office gently trains the entire musculoskeletal system - joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments - and thus maintains and promotes mobility.
  • Aeris Active Office activates sensorimotor functions, which leads to better body control and allows you to work standing up for longer periods of time.
  • Aeris Active Office increases the quality of life and motivation at work because it significantly reduces health complaints, fatigue and lack of concentration.
  • Aeris Active Office pays back the investment costs after a short time through higher productivity and fewer days of absence due to illness.
  • Aeris Active Office keeps you fit beyond the workday.

  • Woman sitting on ergonomic office chair Aeris Swopper at height adjustable desk Aeris Active Office Desk The Aeris Active Office Desk immerses you in an intuitive workflow. Work and movement merge together.

    Study proves: Working in the Aeris Active Office makes you healthier, more productive and more satisfied

    The Aeris Active Office is based on a scientific approach and was co-developed by Dr. Dieter Breithecker, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Working Group for Posture and Movement, among others.

    A study by Dr. Diana Henz at the Institute of Sports Science of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schöllhorn at the Johannes-Guttenberg University Mainz confirms the positive physical and psychological effects of working in the Active Office on the users. The study was published in the scientific journal "Frontiers in Human Neuroscience", the world's most cited journal in the field of neuroscience and psychology.

    In all comparative studies, the Aeris Active Office performed significantly better than the conventional office setup consisting of a desk and a conventional office chair (no active seat). The following areas were examined:

  • Short-term ability to concentrate
  • Long-term ability to concentrate
  • Focus on the work
  • Attention even during monotonous tasks
  • Concentration test
  • Stress
  • Physical posture
  • Alertness level

  • Reminder function of the Aeris Active Desk , which reminds to change the positionThe Reminder function supports you in your agile work at Aeris Active Desk .

    Short-term ability to concentrate

    Under time and precision pressure, significantly better performance was observed in the Aeris Active Office than in the conventional office. This means that the test subjects were able to show a greater performance volume and made fewer careless errors due to the increased concentration. An exciting factor for companies!

    Long-term ability to concentrate

    Also the long-term Ability to concentrate was greatly improved in the Aeris Active Office. Applied to the office working day, this means that employees can maintain their constant attention better than in a conventional office and are therefore better focused on their work at all times

    More relaxation at work

    During the two-week study, it was found that the subjects showed a higher degree of relaxation. However, this so-called alpha activity not only indicates relaxation, but is also an indicator of creative processes that are more likely to occur in a relaxed state. The increase in alpha activity could be detected over the entire study period during the work processes. Another positive effect from relaxation is the ability to maintain sustained attention. In the conventional office, there were no training effects throughout the study period.

    More attention even with monotonous work

    In all companies, there are always monotonous tasks that can have a negative impact on the employees' ability to concentrate. In the Aeris Active Office, however, it was observed that the so-called beta activity, a measure of alertness and readiness to concentrate, was increased during the two-week study period, but not in the conventional office. Transferred to working in the office, employees remain alert and ready to react thanks to the movement-promoting Aeris Active Office concept.

    Aeris Active Desk one in sitting position and once in standing position with the ergonomic office chair Aeris Swopper and the standing mat Aeris Muvmat Only if you work in motion will you stay fit and efficient in the long run and prevent back pain and tension.

    Concentration test

    One of the most remarkable results was provided by the concentration test. Gamma activity measures the concentration processes taking place in the brain. After the two-week study, a clear training effect was observed when working in the Aeris Active Office.

    The impressive thing: After just two weeks, both hemispheres of the brain were active as a result of working in the Aeris Active Office. This means that in the Aeris Active Office, the test subjects were able to demonstrate a better ability to concentrate under great time pressure and high demands, as the brain was in an optimal performance state thanks to the activation of both brain hemispheres. Activating both hemispheres of the brain enables creative problem solving, which is much less likely to occur in a conventional office. There, mostly only one brain hemisphere is active.

    Less stress

    The study found that working in the Aeris Active Office, which promotes movement, significantly relieves the cardiovascular system. In the conventional office, on the other hand, the stress level of the test persons was significantly increased. The negative consequences: A high stress level can lead to serious health problems, and stress also has a negative impact on the ability to concentrate and leads to poorer work performance.

    Better posture - less muscle tension

    Working in the Aeris Active Office proves that movement is the key to good health. Positive effects have been measured in both the shoulder and neck muscles. Stretching the neck muscles not only improves the posture of the head, but also relieves the shoulder muscles, which have to compensate less. In concrete terms, this means less tension in the neck area.

    Higher level of alertness

    In addition to the measurable positive influences on the brain and body, the level of alertness also improves in the Aeris Active Office. The test persons were 5 times more alert at the end of the study than the test persons in the conventional office. Thanks to the increased level of alertness, people automatically become more satisfied and productive.


    Working in the Aeris Active Office has been proven to have significant positive effects on people's cognitive performance; in particular, activating both sides of the brain is a game-changer in ergonomic office design. This is because not only does it increase employee satisfaction, but this additional performance and calling on the full potential of users contributes directly to the success of the company, as employees become more creative and effective in completing tasks.
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