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Aeris Active Office

When the desk becomes a personal trainer.


The double desk Aeris Active Office Desk for working while standing and sitting not only enables intuitive position changes and therefore movement but also actively supports and encourages the user through intelligent hardware and software. The ideal complement is provided by Aeris Swopper and Aeris Muvmat for sitting and standing workstations.

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Sitting or standing, a change in seconds

Immerse yourself in a workflow where work and movement merge. The Active Office Desk consists of a standing and sitting work surface so you can switch between the both options intuitively without interrupting your work.

Science has determined: This works.

Studies prove the positive effects of working in motion in the Aeris Active Office: less back pain and muscle tension, strengthening of the cardiovascular system, higher calorie consumption, better concentration, increased productivity, more creativity. What, already closing time?

Why movement is necessary

Working healthily and productively in motion

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Table panel privacy screen (bottom)

Partition wall attachment made of sound-absorbing acoustic fleece which was specially developed for the Active Office Desk. The attachment can be easily mounted and not only ensures a pleasant working atmosphere at the workplace but also functions as a under-desk modesty screen.

Table panel visual and acoustic protection (top)

Partition wall attachment made of sound-absorbing acoustic fleece, which was specially developed for the Active Office Desk. The attachment is very easy to install and ensures a pleasant working atmosphere at the workplace not only due to its material properties but also because of its privacy function.

Cable management

The innovative cable solution for the Active Office Desk. The cables are bundled with the help of magnetic holders and elegantly hidden behind a panel on the desk leg. This makes tangled cables and tripping hazards a thing of the past.

Magnetic bar

The bar was specially developed for the Active Office Desk table panel (top) and serves as an elegant attachment system. Notes and documents can be attached to it using the enclosed magnets.

PC Box

Practical and space-saving accommodation for the PC that can be seamlessly integrated into the Aeris Active Office. The cable management can also be elegantly hidden in the box so there are no trip hazards.

Active Office® - The book

The book Active Office® presents the office of the future. An office that encourages as many, as intuitive and as complex movements as possible so that people can follow their natural need for movement and behave and live according to their nature. The concept is evolutionary and revolutionary at the same time and goes far beyond the well-intentioned recommendations of doctors, health managers, health insurance companies and the office furniture industry.

More information about the book
Viktoria Klauser, salesjob personnel consultancy
"The mid-afternoon slump no longer exists."
Kevin Bernknopf, Sales Manager
"It used to be quite common to have 0% battery after sitting for 8 hours. By getting up, sitting down and moving around you just notice that you have more energy."
Prof. Dr. Susanne Tittlbach, Chair of Sports Science, Social and Health Sciences of Sport, University of Bayreuth
"The Active Office workstations give students just the dose of exercise they need in their everyday university life."
Detlef Detjen, Managing Director AGR Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) e. V.
"Some days I change places 250 times."