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Eight input devices receive the AGR seal of approval

Microsoft receives AGR seal of approval

The Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (AGR) has awarded eight Microsoft products with the AGR seal of approval. This means that these devices have special ergonomic properties.

Microsoft has submitted its ergonomic input devices to AGR for testing and received the recognised AGR seal of approval for eight of its devices. Microsoft developed the ergonomic mouse as early as 1993 and the ergonomic keyboard a year later. The company was thus a pioneer in the field. Today, the company has an entire portfolio of ergonomic products and a team of developers dedicated solely to the topic of ergonomics.

The AGR seal of quality

The Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (AGR) works together with important medical associations and experts and tests a wide variety of items with regard to their back-friendly design. Only products that meet the high requirements and can withstand the strict testing criteria are awarded. The testing is carried out by an independent commission of experts.

Ergonomic input devices

The current figures show how important the topic of ergonomic input devices is. In Germany, 17 million people work at computers and perform the same movements up to 25,000 times a day. When working without an ergonomic mouse this often leads to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), better known as "mouse arm". It is impossible to imagine our daily lives without ergonomics. More and more companies are developing ergonomic input devices, not only Microsoft.

Ergonomic office chairs

A lot has happened in the field of office chairs anyway. Just think of the Aeris Swopper or the Aeris Muvman, both chairs that allow dynamic sitting. With the use of these office chairs, back pain is a thing of the past.