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Office chair

The right ergonomic office chair

Professionals in an office spend many hours of the day sitting in an office chair. And the outlook? It will not become less - thanks to demographic change and thus extended working lives. When furnishing a workplace, an office chair is therefore one of the most important components that has a significant influence on the health, well-being and Performance of people.

Ergonomic office chairs have therefore experienced a "boom" in recent years. However, not every chair that is called "ergonomic" necessarily has a health-promoting effect. Quite the opposite. Conventional ergonomic office chairs as well as various ergonomic "health chairs" put more strain on the body than they give it a boost.

For example, ergonomic guidelines often state that people should sit as still as possible at 90-degree angles. The telephone, folders, etc. should ideally be placed within reach. In addition, the "burden of sitting" should be lightened for the office chair owner with "comfortable" comfort add-ons such as headrests, backrests, castors. In reality, this means one thing above all: restricted mobility. The consequences are incorrect sitting postures, strain on the intervertebral discs, tension and muscle breakdown. Especially so-called health chairs and offers such as sitting balls or kneeling chairs are not to be recommended without reservation. Be it because they are unsafe (sitting balls can easily roll away) or because they lead to other Incorrect postures lead to injuries. Therefore, many office chairs that use the (unprotected) term "ergonomics" are not necessarily the right solution when it comes to healthy sitting or avoiding the widespread disease "back".

Ergonomics at the workplace: Which office chairs are good for the back?

But what should a truly ergonomic and healthy office chair offer? It should adapt to its occupant, encourage and promote natural movements and allow many different, individual sitting positions. Numerous studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time is not good for people - it even makes them ill. People are born to move and should ideally never adopt permanent postures.

Aeris office chairs are designed to follow the natural biomechanics of the human body without compromise. Thus Aeris desk chairs, such as the Active Chair Swopper and the Active-Office-Chair 3Dee, allow spontaneous and intuitive movements in all directions when sitting: vertically, forwards to the work surface as well as sideways. Every Aeris office chair follows the movements of the human body. This means you move twice as much on an Aeris swivel chair as on conventional office chairs. The vertical swinging relieves the intervertebral discs, promotes blood circulation and gets the circulation going. The lateral flexibility and the forward tilt increase the action radius, optimise the sitting posture and strengthen the muscles.

In addition, Aeris office chairs deliberately do without armrests. This allows unrestricted freedom of movement and spontaneous changes of position, e.g. shifting weight to the side. Also, when sitting on an office chair with armrests, there is often too great a distance between the office chair and the work surface because the armrests prevent the person from getting close. As a result, the person sits slouched and leaning forward on their office chair to bridge the distance to the work surface. Aeris office chairs, on the other hand, prevent an incorrect distance to the desk due to the lack of armrests and the 3D technology. This prevents incorrect sitting postures, tension and back problems.

Active, dynamic sitting on the Aeris Swopper and Aeris 3Dee office chairs thus corresponds to the natural movement pattern of humans and is the healthiest way to sit. And it's great for your back.

Adjusting the office chair correctly

No person has a "standard body" and every person has different requirements for sitting. So there are light, heavy, tall, short people, men, women, children, short legs, long torsos etc.. And a chair must react flexibly to these differences in order to achieve a health-promoting effect. That is why the Aeris Swopper and 3Dee office swivel chairs offer many individual adjustment options. For example, the seats of the swivel chairs are height-adjustable to achieve an optimal angle between the hips and knees and to promote blood circulation. And they can also be optimally adjusted in lateral deflection and vertical oscillation according to the owner's need for movement and weight. In addition, the Aeris office chairs are available in different versions for different weight classes and body sizes.

Office chairs from Aeris: real designer furniture!

In addition to the topic of ergonomics, design also plays a decisive role when buying a desk chair. Questions such as: "Where will the office chair be used?" "What colour should my office chair be?" "Do I want more of a classic look or can it be more unconventional?" "Do I really need castors?" "Which upholstery fabric do I choose?" "Do I need a backrest?" etc. need to be answered. And for each of these diverse needs, Aeris has developed matching chairs with numerous equipment variants.

At the classic desk, for example, the Aeris Swopper office stool and the Active-Office-Chair Aeris 3Dee are ideal. With the Swopper, one can say: its genius is its radicality - in function and design. By dispensing with armrests and backrests and its 3D technology with integrated gas pressure spring, it allows maximum movement when sitting and is also unmistakable. The 3Dee office swivel chair will appeal more to those who also want to benefit from the advantages of sitting in three dimensions, but prefer the classic office look and the innovative backrest to go with it: a new generation of "executive chair".

The Aeris Oyo - a combination of rocking chair with flexible backrest and saddle seat in one - scores points as a contract chair and eye-catcher at meetings, at the reception, as a visitor's chair or in the aesthetically homely home office area. Due to its unusual shape, it is not intended as an eight-hour office chair. But even with it, sitting in motion works. You can rock and swing with it and adopt many different sitting positions. The Aeris Oyo cantilever chair is available in many colours (including grey, red, green and blue).

For people whose jobs require them to stand for long periods of time, which is just as unhealthy as sitting for long periods of time, the active standing seat offers the perfect solution. Aeris Muvman is the perfect solution. It is ideal for mobile standing sitting at desks, high work tables, receptions or information desks. Especially for use in production, assembly or laboratories, the Aeris Muvman is also available with a special cover (antibacterial, wipeable). In addition, it takes up hardly any space, which makes it suitable for use even in rather small rooms. And its carrying handle makes it very mobile.

Aeris also has a suitable model for children: the height-adjustable Swoppster children's desk chair has been specially designed for the high mobility needs of children of kindergarten and primary school age and, thanks to the 3D technology actively prevents posture and back problems. The Aeris Swoppster desk chair is available in four different seat and spring colours. The micro velour cover fabric is also easy to clean, breathable, robust and hard-wearing.

In principle, all Aeris seating furniture is available in different seat cover variants, such as microfibre, felt or leather, and can therefore be used flexibly. In addition, accessories and equipment variants, such as base colours, spring leg variants, castors, backrests, etc., can be supplied optionally at extra cost.

Aeris Swopper and Aeris 3Dee: office chairs with a long service life

All Aeris office chairs are characterised by a high quality standard "Made in Germany" and guarantee a long service life. The warranty period is a total of three years from the date of purchase when purchased directly from Aeris or from an authorised Aeris dealer. Within the warranty period, Aeris will repair the products, supply the necessary spare parts free of charge or replace them without charge.