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Swivel chair

The perfect ergonomic swivel chair

Office workers spend about 80 per cent of the day sitting in an office chair. Whereas in the past it was assumed that there was THE correct sitting posture on a chair, today we know that rigid permanent sitting - no matter on which type of seat and no matter how comfortable and upholstered it may be - is insanity and is not good for people - it even makes them ill. Human beings are born to move and should ideally never adopt permanent postures.

That is why active, dynamic sitting is considered the most natural way to sit and therefore the healthiest. A perfect swivel chair is one that adapts 100 per cent to its user, i.e. one that is infinitely adjustable to the user's body dimensions, demands and promotes natural movements and allows many different individual sitting positions.

The ergonomic swivel chair

The be-all and end-all of an ergonomic swivel chair is therefore that it is oriented towards its occupant and not towards predefined standards. Because human beings do not conform to standards - neither in their physique nor in their behaviour and movement patterns. Aeris office chairs are therefore designed to consistently adapt to the individuality of the person. Thanks to a special 3D technology, they allow flowing movements in all directions when sitting: vertically, forwards towards the work surface as well as sideways. This means that you move twice as much on an Aeris office chair as on conventional swivel chairs. And the swivel chairs are of course infinitely adjustable to suit individual body weight and height. The many natural movements strengthen the muscles, Bad postureThis helps to prevent slipped discs, ischialgia and arthrosis, relieves the strain on the intervertebral discs, promotes blood circulation and gets the circulation going. And that feels good.

Office chairs with unique 3D movement: Aeris Swopper

Conventional swivel chairs often only allow one-dimensional, or at most two-dimensional movements. The active seat Aeris Swopper on the other hand, offers absolute 360-degree sitting freedom, i.e. maximum mobility. This is made possible not only by a gas pressure spring as in conventional office chairs, but also by the unique and multi-patented Aeris Swopper technology with 3D movement joint. When you sit on the Aeris Swopper, you bounce vertically - this corresponds to "springy" walking on soft forest soil. The lateral flexibility and the forward tilt train the muscles, ensure optimal sitting positions and frequent changes of posture. All natural, harmonious movements - while sitting.

The convex seat also prevents pressure points on the thighs, which can easily occur with a more inwardly curved seat shell.

In addition, the Aeris Swopper active seat does without both backrest and armrests. This is because armrests invite you to lean on them and rest. They also prevent lateral flexibility. Likewise, a backrest on a chair encourages you to constantly fall backwards. In the long run, this weakens the muscles and can lead to back problems.

The Aeris Swopper thus provides the best conditions for healthy, dynamic sitting.

There is also a suitable model for children: the height-adjustable children's swivel chair Aeris Swoppster has been specially designed for the high mobility needs of children of kindergarten and primary school age and, thanks to 3D technology, actively prevents posture and back problems.

Aeris 3Dee: Swivel chair with 3D movement and backrest

As long as people move enough, they don't really need a backrest on their office chair. Overloading of structures only occurs when one and the same posture is maintained over a longer period of time, such as in conventional sitting. A structure that moves easily cannot become tense because loading and unloading alternate.

However, there are of course occupational groups who have to remain in a position in the office for a long time without being able to move, for example to read thick files. For these people, a backrest on swivel chairs can be useful, as with the Aeris 3Dee. This is because the ergonomically shaped backrest with patented slat technology provides short-term relaxing support without restricting mobility. The Aeris 3Dee office chair is thus a new generation of executive chair that offers all the advantages of sitting in three dimensions.

Customer service

Further information on the individual swivel chairs from Aeris can be found in the service section of the website. In addition to product data sheets on the individual functions of the seating furniture and care instructions, there are also detailed operating instructions for each chair.

In addition, customers have the opportunity to test the Aeris Swopper free of charge for 14 days in order to experience the sitting experience on the chair for themselves before making a purchase.

Aeris seating furniture is available in different seat cover variants, such as microfibre, leather or imitation leather cover. This means that they can be used flexibly.

All Aeris products are warranted for a total of three years from the date of purchase when purchased directly from an authorised Aeris dealer.