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Three-dimensional movement

What is three-dimensional movement?

What sounds complicated is actually quite simple: when we humans move in a healthy way, we do so three-dimensionally. That means not only forwards and backwards, but also sideways and vertically.

This can be illustrated very clearly using the example of a PC workstation and office chair. If you work at a desk and do not have a 3D ergonomic office chair, you remain in a rigid sitting position for hours - with negative consequences such as tension, one-sided strain on the intervertebral discs and even chronic back problems and metabolic disorders that lead to obesity, cardiovascular problems or diabetes. In the worst case, the office chair does not allow any natural, intuitive movements but at most a 360° rotation of the seat. It is often the case that conventional office chairs also have seat recesses. These can fix the pelvis and thus provoke a hunchback.

The 3D active seating furniture Swopper and 3Dee from Aeris , on the other hand, encourage and challenge three-dimensional movement: forwards, backwards, sideways and vertically.

How can an office chair promote three-dimensional movement?

Conventional office chairs usually only allow one form of movement: the seat turns 360°. This is far from three-dimensional movement.

The patented Aeris 3D ergonomics allow the user to actually move in all three dimensions on the Aeris Swopper or Aeris 3Dee. The spring strut of the two seats follows the user's movements and does not restrict the user's freedom of movement. Up to 15 degrees of forward tilt and lateral movement is possible, plus up to 10 cm of vertical swing. This mobility puts the user in an unstable equilibrium that he or she must constantly maintain with micro-movements. Thus, the sitter is constantly in motion and frequently changes his or her posture - in three dimensions.

This movement is the spark for the body. Only with movement do all muscular and vascular systems run at full speed and supply organs and especially the brain with nutrients and oxygen - the basic prerequisite for physical health and cognitive performance!

At what age do you need to pay attention to three-dimensional movement?

The fact is that you can't start sitting healthily - i.e. moving in three dimensions - early enough. Even in children, postural defects often occur due to sitting too long every day. Postural defects occur. This can lead to serious back problems later on. This can and should be prevented. With the swoppster, Aeris offers a desk chair for children from kindergarten to primary school age that enables the youngest ones to move as much as possible while sitting thanks to 3D technology similar to that in the Aeris Swopper. Children want to move a lot, this is quite natural and supports positive physical and mental development. Despite the 3D technology, the swoppster is tilt-resistant and stable.

After primary school age, the Aeris Swoppster then becomes a Aeris Swopper, the active chair for the grown-ups in many versions. By the way, the Aeris Swopper is suitable for all weight classes thanks to the matching spring leg types.

Is so much movement only possible in a sitting position?

Clearly not. Aeris proves the opposite with the Muvman active standing seat. After all, there are enough people who work standing up: in retail, in the laboratory or in production, for example. Standing for hours on end can put just as much strain on the back as sitting motionless, plus the feet and legs in particular are subjected to a lot of strain. The Aeris Muvman has the patented muvzone, a specially developed movement joint in the foot plate of the standing seat. This joint allows the angle of inclination of the centre column to adjust automatically to the posture and movement of the user. And since everyone is different in height, the seat height can be adjusted continuously. The Aeris Muvman thus sets new standards among standing aids, especially in the areas of freedom of movement and individual user experience.